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  humorizer  |  14

I first read this as "I found out today that my daughter's kindergarten teacher plays 'grown up' with my daughter, which is basically dry humping her."

Then I read it as "I found out today that my daughter's kindergarten teacher makes her play grown up with her male students."

Finally, I read it correctly. The first two were much more FMLy.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

126, That's exactly what I thought! The little girl probably watches the show, while her parents don't realize or care, and thinks it will be fun. Kids are growing up too fast these days!

  GVirdi  |  11

25 you can't exactly know what someone is doing by hearing them (well sometimes you probably can) but a little kid isn't going to hear moaning and immediately know how to hump without seeing it somewhere

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

25- Uhm, I don't think Op's daughter heard and perfectly mimicked the dry humping, just the groaning. Kind of suggests to me that she's seeing things as well as hearing them. ;p

Edit: Ah, 43 beat me to the punch. :)

  akou616  |  3

Actually, years ago, on the very first Batman and Superman cartoon crossover this was said
"Where's the Joker?"
"I don't know, probably making ha-ha with Harley Quinn". Though not so bad as today in green lantern cartoon movie, some alien chick, stroking a lantern's chest says "why don't these suits come with zippers?"

  GVirdi  |  11

38 if 8 is the ship then Toast didn't go down with the ship, Toast went down saving the ship (even though he was trying to burn it at first)

By  dmandan  |  4

I used to play that with a girl in kindergarten ... Make sure you teach her that sex is for grown ups - otherwise she may become pregnant by the time she is 12... Or worse, like an incurable STD

  yupitssoph  |  18

All kids do weird things unknowingly. It really has no effect on how they'll turn out in the future. They learn what they're doing isn't appropriate eventually.