By Gumfanatic302 - 07/05/2009 01:43 - United States

Today, I got a call from my child's preschool saying that "Mindy keeps saying she sits on her daddy's lap and plays with his peter." My daughter meant 'puter, as in computer. Now the school is worried my husband is a child molester. FML
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Ah, that's pretty funny. Pretty awkward too. FYL.


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Ah, that's pretty funny. Pretty awkward too. FYL.

wow that sucks the only thing that u can really do is move far away from where u live now

Damn, that sucks, eh? Even if you clear that up, they'll probably still be suspicious. FYL indeed.

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Ah god, that seriously sucks. My dad actually was a child molester, and I know how messy it got with the cops and schools.

How the hell is your comment thumbed down? That's horrible :/

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well maybe your husband should pick on someone his own size

That is probably one of the funniest FML's I've read in a while. @ #2: wow :-|

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That sucks. I hope that gets set straight fairly quickly and doesn't get blown out of proportion.

That's pretty bad, hopefully they will be understanding when you explain it to them.

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OH WOW!!!!!! I may have just got on here, BUT THIS IS THE FUNNIEST ONE IVE EVER READ! Mad props for actually making me laugh with you, not just at how stupid you are.

Schools get way to involved in home situations. I really hated that about high school. That's a decent reason, but they jumped to the conclusion way to quick. It can really ruin someones reputation.

and yet, it's better than letting abuse keep happening

agreed when I was 14 living in california with my mother I was going to Elementary School that went from kindergarten through 8th grade, I was in 8th Grade. One time I snuck out at night to go hang out with my friends I didn't come home until about 3 o'clock in the morning only to find my mother sitting there waiting for me. now my mother had to go to work at 6 o'clock in the morning and had been sitting there worrying her ass off for hours and was very very pissed off at me. the morning was very awkward getting ready for school and work between us, I'm going down the very narrow hallway, I bumped into her shoulder my moms tired exhausted pissed off she turns and grab me by my throat and pushes me up against the wall. the second she did it she let go, was it a bit harsh, yes; did I deserve it, definitely yes. I go to school with a bruise on my neck and my science teacher grills me about needing to tell her what happened. begrudgingly I broke down and explained the entire event to her including my transgression and that I felt my mother did no wrong. Stupid bitch still called child protective services....

oh and I call her a stupid bitch because this dumbass was a science teacher who told her class she didn't believe in global warming and that it wouldn't raise ocean levels because and I quote (brace yourselves) "if you put an ice cube in a glass of water and it melts the water level doesn't rise therefore global warming will have no effect" before you hop on this batshit crazy bandwagon remember that the Antarctica is not a giant floating iceberg it's a land mass with lots of ice on TOP of it FMEducation....

And that's why we teach our children to speak.