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Today, I found out yet another of my guy friends liked me. I posted that I just wanted a guy friend that had absolutely no romantic feelings for me. My crush volunteered. FML
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Heartless to post that, those friend who have feelings for you can read it aswell. You got what you deserve.

No sympathy from me, OP. There was no reason for you to post that on Facebook, were you just trying to inflate your ego or something? Your poor friend doesn't need to see that. If you didn't want to date him, you could have just politely declined if he asked you out. You can't get mad that your crush publicly stated that he didn't fancy you, because that's exactly what you did to your friend.


Heartless to post that, those friend who have feelings for you can read it aswell. You got what you deserve.

Yeah big old YDI for being a thoughtless bitch.

If I told a girl I liked her but then saw her post that, well, she wouldn't have the problem of me liking her anymore.

"But guise, Facebook is the ultimate forum fer mah feelingz and nao has #hastags 4 more expressionz" - What I think OP will post

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Written in "lol cat" language.

Must suck, but he just feels like you felt for your male friends.. Not much to do but get over it and move on, better luck next time!

Sucks to be friendzoned doesn't it...

Well, maybe you were expecting someone else? How can you expect a guy not to have some feelings for you?

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I have quite a few friends that are girls that I don't have any romantic feelings for

To have romantic feelings for every girl you know is intensely creepy

I didn't know creepy til I saw your picture #68

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90, you just made my day with that

That is a sweet ass form of retribution if I do say so myself..

Oh friendzone, thou art a cruel and heartless asshole. Welcome to the friendzone, population: you.

I don't feel bad for you. It's one thing to friend zone your guy friends. But why would you do it publicly on the Internet? That's just cold. Kudos to your crush for giving you a taste of your own medicine.

you can't seriously think you could control other people's feelings..

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