By NotCuteEnough - United States
Today, I was flirting with this guy that had been forced to be my lab partner for class. He was really funny and attractive, too. In the middle of our conversation he said "You're so cute! You remind me of my boyfriend!" FML
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  MaddogTotten  |  0

I agree, since when does everyone have to agree with everyone else's personal choices? If you disagree with homosexuality suddenly your a homophobe? How about we let people all have their own opinion and just go on living our lives?

You know what? People aren't always going to agree with you. Maybe they're not homophobic, maybe they're just straight. It doesn't mean you can't be gay, or that they don't want you to be gay, maybe they just think it's gross. If you don't think it's gross, you're gay. I could give two shits who you fuck, but that doesn't mean that other people have to like or agree with it.

  owlowl  |  0

personal choices? i'm sorry but it just pisses me off when people talk about sexual orientation like it's a choice. saying that you "don't agree" with homosexuality is like saying you "don't agree" with being asian or black - it's ridiculous. when you talk about being gay like it's "gross", and something to be ashamed of, it can be really hurtful.