By wishihadpockets - United States
Today, I had my cigs tucked into my waistband because my shorts didn't have pockets. A friend walks up and asks for a smoke. I say "I've got something you can smoke right here", tugging at my shorts. The "friend" then kicks me in the nuts for being a douche. FML
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hahaha.. #88 has you there.. And, OP.. Are you fucking serious? Boys/ Smokers at my boarding school don't don't kick eachother in the man hood.. YDI for smoking in primary school.. XD

  spoo  |  24

Suggests my pickup line will eventualy work:
"Wanna come back to my house and check out my scratch and sniff chloroform rag"

*just a joke folks*

  42billybob  |  5

you don't kick a guy in the nuts unless he's legitimately assaulting you. also, you don't suggest a girl do sexual things unless you want her to think you're legitimately assaulting her (they WON'T assume you're joking).

if it was a girl YDI.
if it was a guy, he can't take a joke.

By  doink  |  0

I don't understand why you would say it like that to begin with. If the cigarettes would have been in your hand, chances are, wouldn't have said that. You were probably trying to make a joke, and failed.


  nlm92  |  15

Comments like these are very naive. You clearly have never been addicted. It's not that easy... Oh lord I wish it was that easy... He didn't deserve that just because he's a smoker. Regardless of whether or not he *should* smoke, his smoking and the reasons he began are none of your business. Comments like yours have absolutely no positive effect on smokers, take it from an ex smoker.