By wishihadpockets - 28/01/2010 10:24 - United States

Today, I had my cigs tucked into my waistband because my shorts didn't have pockets. A friend walks up and asks for a smoke. I say "I've got something you can smoke right here", tugging at my shorts. The "friend" then kicks me in the nuts for being a douche. FML
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That's kind of a weird thing to say..

lol I can picture that perfectly how's your recovery?


lol I can picture that perfectly how's your recovery?

trueeast 0

"cigs" are for pussys who think they're cool.

pongmaster 0

yeah and anyone who smokes tobacco is an idiot

ahahah! omgg !

AshtonHellwig 0

YDI for smoking. my opa smoked and got lung cancer.

so you're saying your opa deserved to die?

I agree with you numberrrr 56.

hahaha.. #88 has you there.. And, OP.. Are you fucking serious? Boys/ Smokers at my boarding school don't don't kick eachother in the man hood.. YDI for smoking in primary school.. XD

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every one should smoke weed

Animalover 0

yah right only idiots do!

Animalover 0

no they're just saying DONT SMOKE or u will dieeee duh and just said they got lung cancer didn't say die

hell yeahhhh !

lol dude that sounds like the todd from scrubs Douchebag five!!!

So Albert Einstein is an idiot?

That's kind of a weird thing to say..

you kinda set yourself up for that one, OP. there's nothing like warm cigarrets pulled right outa your crotch..

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I keep rereading this and every time I get more and more turned on.

*giggles* me too :)

Suggests my pickup line will eventualy work: "Wanna come back to my house and check out my scratch and sniff chloroform rag" *just a joke folks*

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haha ya...

I don't get it

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Is the "friend" a male or female?

you don't kick a guy in the nuts unless he's legitimately assaulting you. also, you don't suggest a girl do sexual things unless you want her to think you're legitimately assaulting her (they WON'T assume you're joking). if it was a girl YDI. if it was a guy, he can't take a joke.

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if it was anybody, they can't take a joke.

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congrats, you just won the "most boring FML of the week" award!

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fuck you this one was great

dude this was one of the worst I've read. I want the 10 seconds of my life back from reading this bullshit

If you don't want to waste your time, don't peruse this website. Simple!

No they're right. This FML is not remotely funny

plus the time taken to reply

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dickmeister y you complaining you probley don't even have a life

funniest fml award of the week reward

plus it sounds really fake

since when did fml say "you are only allowed to post funny posts" that sucks for op your friend needs to loosen up

Chase him/her down and smack him/her across the face for it.

sourgirl101 28

He kicked you 'cause he knew you wanted he to smoke something else prev. I'd kick you too.

FYI don't wanna ruin the fun stuff but guys can't beat up any women no matter what they've done

If a woman's coming at me with a knife, I don't care, I'm gonna defend myself

Dr. Todd comment;)

doink 0

I don't understand why you would say it like that to begin with. If the cigarettes would have been in your hand, chances are, wouldn't have said that. You were probably trying to make a joke, and failed. YDI

I don't know you, but you sound like a retard.

tomakobriefs 11

YDI. Quit smoking. Problem solved.

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its a personal choice, you have no room to judge

#12: douchebag.

of course we can judge, we cannot prohibit but we can judge. It's a filthy unhealthy addiction, and for that he deserves it. There

dontwakeuponfire 0

I smoke and I'm not addicted, once again what room do you have to judge? i'm sure you have some unhealthy habits too.

If you smoke and are not addicted, you are just an idiot. Addicts lack willpower. What's worse? Take your pick!

don't judge dude.

i think we can judge if we're all at risk of cancer from secondhand smoke because of all the people who are constantly lighting up.

nlm92 15

Comments like these are very naive. You clearly have never been addicted. It's not that easy... Oh lord I wish it was that easy... He didn't deserve that just because he's a smoker. Regardless of whether or not he *should* smoke, his smoking and the reasons he began are none of your business. Comments like yours have absolutely no positive effect on smokers, take it from an ex smoker.