By expertdoubleex - United States
Today, I asked my boyfriend advice on apartment hunting - as we were planning to move in with each other. He told me that there is no way he can afford to move out of his parents' house anytime soon. He can, however, afford a collection of belt-fed automatic nerf guns. FML
expertdoubleex tells us more :
Allo Trollsters. This is the silly girl who posted the FML. A few disclaimers: 1) Rent is cheaper here than you are thinking. My last place here ran under $500, utilities included. If we split the cost, we aren't looking at massive expenses. 2) He is 25 years old, he lives at his parents' for free, he has a job AND THEY GIVE HIM AN ALLOWANCE. Oh, yeah, and they pay his bills for him. 3) Yes, he acquired all the nerf guns at once, within the past week. 4) I don't have a problem with his hobby. Boys will be boys, and I kinda have a thing for nerds. I do, however, have a problem with the fact that he has lied to me for the past 6 months about his future aspirations... Because I have been busting ass, nose-to-the-grindstone, working towards getting my debts paid off so we could get this place together. Aaaaand, apparently toys are more important.
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  humorizer  |  14

I know. How badly does he allocate his money? I mean why does he spend $34.95 on a CS-35 Raider when he could have been spending ~$900 a month on an apartment?

  RyanZhang22  |  1

it's true. nerf guns pwn!

  Tenks  |  0

66 your also dumb. there is a thing called one time charge, and a month to month payment. you can do the small stuff each month, but if you can't do the rent, then you run into the problem people are in now. getting kicked out of their apt for not being able to pay. at least he's saying what he can and can't do.

  humorizer  |  14


Regarding "your dumb," you forgot to mention my dumb what. Note that when using an adjective and a possessive pronoun, you're supposed to mention a noun shortly thereafter.

Anyhow, try to detect jokes a little better.

I am quite aware of the fact that $35 is very different from $900 per month. That's what I was joking about (as the guy above me correctly stated). So take your (misspelled) anger out on the OP, not me.

kthx, you've been officially pwned. Have a good day!

  doink  |  0

From this point on, I'm going to say "I'm not a doctor, but..." when talking about situations that have nothing to do with the medical field.

You are my new hero.

By  john_cena_fml  |  0

I'm sure these guns were acquired over time, not just recently. How much he spent on them in the past is irrelevant. If you were planning on moving in with him, you more than likely already knew about the Nerf gun collection. Quit overreacting about your boyfriend's hobby and get over it.

  The_Sadist  |  13

How does that make sense #12 (tlkalot)? If i had lived with my ex-wife before I married her I never would've married her in the first place because I would've seen what a slob she was. After that I made the rule that I have to live with someone for a year before I even THINK about marriage. I had one girl that I lived with that we broke up because I realized we're not as compatible as we thought. Now I'm living with someone that I can't imagine living with anyone else.

Show me proof that couples that live together prior get more divorces.

  wazdog  |  4

Not "proof" but here are two examples of studies that conclude couples who cohabitate before marriage are at greater risk of divorce after they marry.

  alexFYL  |  11

Uh? I would have been divorced three times by now then. You gotta try it before you buy it. There's no way I'm marrying someone without knowing what living with them is like.

  Radi0Waves  |  0

Those studies ignore the simple factor that couples who do not cohabitate before marriage are typically more religious (since cohabitation before marriage is sinful to Christians), and, therefore, less likely to seek a divorce (also sinful -- mortally so).
Irresponsible conclusions drawn from incomplete studies.

  The_Sadist  |  13

"The study also points out that "cohabiting couples can improve their type of couple relationship and, thereby, increase their chances of a successful marriage" by receiving premarital education. This supports findings by other researchers." From the very article you posted. Other one kept giving me an error so I couldn't read through it.

  DonniesGirl  |  5

Actually, statistics show that if a couple live together before marriage they have a better chance of staying together. Mainly because you can learn their quirks and decide if you want to put up with them for the rest of your life. Just sayin'