By colorblind - 05/07/2009 21:49 - United States

Today, I found one of those online color blindness tests where you have to distinguish a colored number from the pattern. Not being able to, I spent hundreds of dollars on medical tests to discover that the pattern online was a joke. FML
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Why didn't you just get a friend to take the test as well? YDI

Wow. You're fuckin dumb. Wanna buy a bridge?


Why didn't you just get a friend to take the test as well? YDI

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

I agree. Or maybe, schedule a regular appointment with an eye doctor? If you have good insurance, it shouldn't cost you much -- or anything. You're just stupid o_0

Or, take another color blindness test? Wait, why does it cost you "hundreds of dollars" to test if you're color blind or not? Who the fuck did you give all of the money to? Fucking dumbass.

A friend to take the test? It was for CB, not a urine test for meth stupid. Is it possible that there could be another person THIS retarded on the Internet. I think not. Bet you won the Nigerian Lotto too?

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Hmmm... The test is a nurse showing you six pieces of paper over the course of 15 seconds, and it cost "hundreds of dollars"? What, were you on the space shuttle or something?

go_rangers 0

Dumbass, they weren't saying to try to use a friend to trick the doctors into declaring him not colorblind. They were saying to have a friend take the test too, to see if it's legit or not. If the friend can't pass it either, it's probably not legit.

wtf?? are u that stupid?????????? GAYTARD!

hahah nigerian lotto you seem like one of those guys who would believe one of those fake letters from a distant african woman wanting to give you 27 Million

ohhhhhhhhhh! Well in that case, please pardon the hell out of me. And please allow me, as a token of my appreciation, to serve you a token cup of STFU and GFY. Douche.

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Today, some chick wrote the dumbest FML ever, and I STILL looked dumber than she did. FML.

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They went to the doctor's to get treatment I'm guessing. Not pay the fake test. Wow you're the dumbass.

I'm not pro on the topic of colour blindness, but... if you know someone who is definitely not colour blind, couldn't you just, like, walk through a store and have them ask you the colours of things? Just wondering, I'm not exactly sure about the testing for colour blindness.

Nigerian lotto. Love it.

haha.. its funny that you are calling someone else dumb, using logic that just makes you seem dumb!!!

1 word: IDIOT.

Wow. You're fuckin dumb. Wanna buy a bridge?

or yourself? i can get you a good deal if you want to but yourself.

or some high waisted short shorts?

ziqi92 0

you could have always looked around u instead for some color! look at wallpaper, turn on the TV...there are endless options! YDI

Since color blindness is an inherited trait, she could likely have had it all her life, which makes your advice invalid. Also, many "color blind" people actually do see colors, but they're different from the labels we have given them or the colors bleed together.

You could be colorblind and not kwoing it. the little tests with the numbers written with dots on a circle is one good tet to check if you are color blind.

FireFlie07 20

Agreed, I didn't find out I was color blind until I did a color blind test in college. I graduated high school in a gifted arts program, and have had pieces in museums. Get this, they were noted for composition and use of value and color. FML

go_rangers 0

Yeah, I'm colorblind too, and I can see all the colors. I also found out in college, studying for a psych 101 test... they had a colorblindness test in the textbook and I failed. When I told my mom, she said, "Oh yeah, I can't do those either." So apparently my mom is colorblind too... and she's a successful artist. So... yeah. similar to what you said. heh

color blindness is the inability to distinguish shades... if she was unaware that the shades on her TV, wallpaper, whatever were different, how would she know? also.... random.... it's a bit rare for females to have this trait.

I'm colorblind, we don't see in black and white.

YDI all the way. I mean really? I thought everyone knew those things were a joke.

falloutgurl517 0

well not all of them are.... some of them seriously do have numbers in them but i'd say that it's blatantly obvious to tell when there is not anything distinguisable in them...

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um #3, i think if your color blind you really wouldnt know what color your looking for??? and OP, didnt anyone ever tell you not to believe everything/anything you read on the internet. For example, i dont want to believe this because i dont want to believe that anyone could be that stupid.

What're you on about? How could that even happen?

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You deserve it for being a TOTAL fucking dumbass. Wow. What the fuck. Your parents must be proud huh.

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psycho^^ ( my favorite )??

YDI for bring retarded.

Stfu leave him alone xD Is it his fault hes a doornob? no.