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Today, I failed hard at a color test. I thought it was a joke because most of the colors looked the same to me. Now I know why people laugh at my clothes color choices. FML
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my dad has the same problem, he only sees black grey and white, and most of my blood related uncles and nephes cant see red or green (i think)

You should feel special, it's pretty rare for women to be colour blind.


my dad has the same problem, he only sees black grey and white, and most of my blood related uncles and nephes cant see red or green (i think)

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Do you wear those colors just to mess with them?

^he has a do they drive? Or are they not allowed to?

perhaps because of the position of the lights...

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Why do you think the green light is always on the bottom and red is always o the top? Traffic lights are specifically designed that way so colorblind people can see them. Don't worry, OP. Lots of people are colorblind. Although it is fairly rare for a female.

#33 is right, they actually have to learn things we don't usually think about. Like the color of a light, we think stop or go? They're trying to remember the orders of the colors of the lights. My question is how did it take OP or her parents so long to notice? The colors are pretty heavily taught in elementary art classes. When she didn't seem to catch on as quickly that should have been a sign. Or when students learn about secondary colors, most schools have you mix two primary colors, if she struggled that should have been a sign, too.

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More than likely #1 its not that your nephews can't see red or green, its just sometimes very difficult to distinguish between the two. It's called a red-green deficiency, I have it, it pretty much just makes some shades of green, red, and brown all look the same. It also makes colorful pie charts quite difficult to understand sometimes..

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#38, it's possible that the color blindness came on gradually, and that OP used to distinguish the colors very well. Until recently.

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A poem that speaks the woes of the colorblind: Roses are grey. Violets are grey. I'm a dog :3

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That's just like mark zuckerberg. he's red and green colorblind, and that's why facebook is predomiantly blue and white, because blue was the only color he could see.

come on. the green light if never on top of the tragic signal.

one reason it took so long could be that op was perceived to be difficult or messing about when they said they had trouble with colour. thats what happened with my partner.

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@ #1, cool? A lot of people are colour blind.

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Have someone fabulous show you the fabulous world of colour coordination and clothes.

He doesn't see colours properly, so it wouldn't matter if someone fabulous showed him colour coordination. I have two uncles with this condition. Doesn't matter how many times you show them the colours, it doesn't change, they just don't see them right.

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I see, don't opticians have special types of glasses/lenses or contact lenses for colour blindness and stuff? That could be a possible solution for this.

If it's inherited colorblindness, no. You don't have the necessary cone cells to sense light at certain wavelengths. Commercial lenses can't magically force you to see colors.

Actually Welshite, there are some 'correction' glasses that are specifically designed for colour-blind people to distinguish red and green. They're very costly though (around $600), and I'm not sure how they work exactly but colour-blind people have reviewed it and said they could suddenly see colour differences they never saw before. So even though with the glasses they can see red and green differently I'm not sure if it's the same red and green that people with normal vision see, but point is there are glasses out there that can 'correct' colour-blindness to some extent. On a completely different note, my ex had red-green colourblindness, and when I asked him what his favourite colour was, he said red. Go figure.

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As I understand it, those lenses don't correct color blindness so much as give an alternative that helps, but isn't perfect. Much like how crutches don't correct a broken leg, but they let you sorta get around anyway.

You should feel special, it's pretty rare for women to be colour blind.

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57 - Special, as in 40% off the regular price

#3, really? I've only met one colorblind person and it just so happens to be a girl... I feel bad for her though because people joke around too harshly around her. She used to have a walking stick because she's pretty blind, and someone snapped the stick on purpose. People used to walk In front of her and wave their hands all up in her face to see how'd she react. It's awful. Why can't people just **** off?

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I was gonna say that too, color blindness for women is like one in a thousand.

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#68, you're getting thumb down because you tho color blindness is blindness.

It is very uncommon, but that just means many people won't believe you when you tell them you're colorblind. At my most recent eye exam, I told the dr I was colorblind and he shrugged it off saying it was very unlikely. After the exam, he gave me the colorblind test. Halfway through the poster I told him it would just be faster to point out the few numbers I could actually see. when I finished, he said "damn, you ARE colorblind." lol

Yes I know it's a blindness. I wasn't very clear about what I said. One eye has color blindness and the other is just blind. I was being vague. But everyone here just assumes I'm being an idiot and thumbs me down. I was trying to share a story with a relation to this one and every one gets mad because of my ignorance of blindness I guess. I was just trying to share a story.... I'm not really mad at getting thumbed down but I wish people could see the point I was trying to make, and not focus on my one error. It's kinda sad if that's all people care about

Women can't be color blind. It's a gene in the men's genetic problem.

its quite rare for girls to be color blind. I've never met a girl that is, but i have tons and tons of friends and family that are, all being male. almost every male in my family is actually. when it mixes with straight up blind though.. it may be caused from the regular form of blindness too... but that is a pretty sad story/:

Well look at the positive, you don't have to match your clothes anymore.

Knowing is the first step. Now you just have to adapt.

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I know that feeling. Don't let it bring you down. Their are worse things to fail at.

"Their" is the possessive form of "they". It's not limited to people.

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Yet you didn't put the exclamation point inside of the quotation marks. I suggest people don't make fun of a grammatical error unless they're free from error.

Ask one of your friends or relatives to help you op

For a lot of color blind people, it is still possible to associate matching colors in their brain with a little bit of help and familiarizing with what looks good to normal people and what you see. So keep your head up high!

I have a friend at work who is color blind but he can figure what most colors are pretty quickly. He still wants to argue over whether dark blue is purple or not though lol

That's funny, because I have both red green deficiency and red black deficiency, so I often see purple as dark blue because my eyes see the red in it as black.

I didn't say this was true for everyone #87. You are clearly an exception.

How old are you OP? Strange nobody noticed this sooner, especially you.

Op is female, it is rare for females to be colorblind. If she has otherwise great eyesight, she might not visit an optometrist often. My eyesight is terrible, so I go every year, I think I have been tested for color blindness twice. I can see how it was overlooked.

But still. If OP ever used a box of coloring pencils she should have seen, no? 'Oh look half of my pencils are the same color'. Or maybe her teacheror parents should have noticed. I don't know... it's strange.

In most cases colorblindness is actually color deficiency and not always obvious. For example, I'm very red/green color deficient (out of 211 slides, I could only see the pattern in 57 of them and not always clearly at that) yet I can easily tell the difference between a red colored pencil and a green one. I didn't discover the fact that I was 'colorblind' until recently (and I'm 29), though it was determined to be a genetic issue I've had since birth. I'd always figured I could see colors at least as well as the average person. When I couldn't see something in a game, I figured it had something to do with my graphics card or computer settings. When I argued with someone about what color something was, I figured I just saw it better than them, since men are much more likely to be color deficient than women and most of my friends are guys. I could also never see those damned 3D dot images, but I knew a lot of people who couldn't see them well either. I was always a little confused about why the hue color charts always had so many repeating colors, but I never gave it much thought. Eventually I took a color test online, because who doesn't like a test they're sure they can pass, right? Like OP, I failed it horribly, but I'm glad I did. Now I have color filters on my games (World of Warcraft has a variety of color deficiency filters, which is awesome) and I change the default settings on many of the programs I use. And now, if anyone says that their dark blue shirt is purple, I believe them. Sorry, for the long post. I just wanted to share my experience, to make color deficiency easier to understand for those who haven't had any experience with it. :)

12, I agree. As someone who is not color-blind, I may be wrong, but it seems a bit ignorant to ignore that many signs, 89. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I just don't understand how that wouldn't have made you go "Hmm, something may be wrong with my eyes" sooner.

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Lol if it's anything like the army color test, no worries- I know people who aren't color blind who failed the test haha