By Annabelle - 05/07/2009 20:12 - United States

Today, I got a call from my parents that they have decided to get a divorce. My brothers and I just shelled out $5,000 each and spent months planning their 50th Anniversary party that was supposed to be next month. FML
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To everyone who said YDI for spend slot of money, You parents probley spend 10-20 times as much to keep you alive, so respect them.

the likelihood of a couple getting divorced after 50 years is pretty slim......


If it's true, that sucks, but you should be able to get your money back. However, I recall seeing one shortly after the death of a certain king of pop where the person and their brother spent 3k to send their parents to England for the European Tour, this one is posted almost exactly like it.

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YDI for having parents, asshole.

LOL #50 No, OP deserves it for not weekly checking up on her parent's romantic status. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! (im kidding. I clicked YLIF.)

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yea that sucks, especially after 50 years......

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seems kinda useless to get a divorce after 50 years dontcha think?

Ikr how selfish do you have to be to divorce after nearly 50 years... Sorry you have to go through this OP

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Maybe she spent that much because she appreciates all her parents have done for her. Her parents have spent waaaayy more than 5K on her throught her lifetime...dontcha think? I love how people on this site manage to make something extremely nice into a bad thing. /sarcasm.

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**** that, her parents gave her life and raised her, and she's showing some gratitude...How is that stupid?

You know, there are people who APPRECIATE their parents.

YDI for spending that much money on your parents.

Your parents have spent probably over millions on you over a long time. More than that, probably. They gave you shelter, warmth, clothing, food, education, support and LIFE. I'm pretty sure they've given you emotional advice, too. You, are a jackass.

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Ummm, for the very same reason their parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars raising them: love. You're a ******* ungrateful asshole.

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Ugh.. too many spoiled twats in this planet..

sounds like someone has some serious daddy issues. *cough cough* #5.

I don't know anyone who would spend a combined ten thousand dollars on their parents. Guess you must really love them. What was it? Trip to Paris?

READ the thing. they spent a total of 10,000$ on the PARTY and probably present. um ... the kids spent that much because they love and appreciate their parents. parents have spent a hell lot more than that. my mom probably spends with my sister and at at least more than 10,000$ a YEAR. FYL.

Whatever happened to the thought that "money can't buy happiness?" js(: I mean, sure, they spent a lot of money raising you, but paying them back with a party that much isn't necessary. You pay them back by having a great life because of how they raised you hahahaahahah.

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It says brotherS, so there was probably more than one brother, so there was probably more than 10,000 dollars...damn, that sucks

the likelihood of a couple getting divorced after 50 years is pretty slim......

Considering it's their 50th Anniversary, they both have to be in their 70's... why on earth would you want to divorce then anymore? Seems so pointless that I almost believe this is a fake, but I guess it can always happen. As for the people saying she deserves it for spending so much money, wouldn't you as well after 50 years? It's called respecting your parents and all they did for you. Of course valid excuse if you have shitty parents, Eitherway, FYL.

How about F Their Lives, being that they're the ones going through a divorce after fifty years of marriage? If this is indeed what's actually happening, then just go get your money back for as much of the stuff as you can and then be there for your parents during this hard time instead of complaining about your money.

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This. If they are really getting divorced, what right do you have to bitch and moan about being out $5000? Yes, that is a lot of money to most people, but it's just money. I can't actually think of how you could go about spending $10000 for a party.

Well, they're the ones that are decidin to divorce, so it's not f their lives if it's their decision. And it's probably harder on their kids than it is for the parents. Maybe not, but either way, it's hard on all of them.

Get over the money, and be there for your parents.