By Anonymous - 05/07/2009 23:20 - Canada

Today, I had to be go to the ER after I fell on a rake. After having stiches put in, my Mom wanted me to go to the store with her. My friend saw me at the store and thought it would be funny to rip off the band aid because she thought I was hiding a zit. She ripped out my stitches. FML
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OMG I feel so bad for you. How can this be a YDI?

Oh damn, thats gotta hurt!


Oh damn, thats gotta hurt!

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yea yea yea chocogatto12 your soooo smart >.>

OMG I feel so bad for you. How can this be a YDI?

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Trolls will usually say YDI. :c

Possibly because she fell on a rake. It didn't say "pushed" or anything. She fell on a rake.

Maybe because she fell on a rake? She didn't get pushed or anything. She fell. On a rake.

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It's physics... provided the adhesive was indeed on the stitches... the larger the force used to rip off the bandage the greater liklihood there is for the stitches to be pulled out.

I feel so bad for you and your friend is kinda really stupid... you need A LOT of power to rip off stiches

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I call fake on your picture @96 No way in hell thats you

I just both fyl and ydi so i know I've read this one.

well its borderline for having that much of a retarded friend...

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god, you're a ******* idiot. you probably make the dumbest excuses to think everybody deserved whatever they got. you would click ydi if someone's dad died and back it up saying "ydi for having a dad who is prone to death". diaf dickhat

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god, you're ******* dumb. i bet you click ydi for every single fml and make up a stupid little reason to make yourself feel better. if someone's dad died you would probably say "ydi for having a dad prone to death" diaf dickhat

yea man....ur actually rite!

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settle down it a ****** website. why yell at people?

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FYL. This is definitely not a YDI.

this is one of the first FMLs ive seen without a ton of YDIs in the beginning :O its a winner

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Holy shit. Ow. FYL.

Im betting someones gonna come along saying "YDI for having friends" or something similarly stupid

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People are mean. And OP, FYL In no way a YDI

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Can you also imagine the pain of all those trying to read your comment?

sniperkit 10

What can you expect? The "12" in their name signifies that they ARE 12 years old.

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Stop using Q's for G's. You look so dumb when you do that.

Gamzee? HoNk :o)

I lost IQ points reading that

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Who the **** taught you how to type? You only hit the shift key once per sentence. Two at the most

You know, while I understand your point, and I agree with it in principle, I'm not sure I fully agree with your assessment of "two at most". For example, you can easily see that I validly used five capital letters in the previous sentence and that in this sentence I also used three.

#20 Ad hominem attacks are lol. Props for using "you're" correctly though.

Stitch might have gotten stuck on the sticky part, if the doctor put it on wrong. :o

Yes, it would appear that Mr. Pizz0wn3d is not very familiar with the English Language after all.

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YOU HAVE ISSUES. wtf dude maybe your parents should have done that to you because you are obviously special.

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"stupid friend is stupid" woooooow. it's a good FML with one mistake in it. look back at some of the previous ones that are much worse.

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Honastly! FYL for being stupid.

I hate when people use the letter "q" instead of the letter "g"... i just dont get it.

wow, you're friend is a dumbass. I would have punched her in the face. fyl.