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  chocogatto12  |  3

I call fake. I've gotten stitches plenty of times, and i can tell you "ripping off the bandaid" would NOT rip out the stitches, unless the doctor was an idiot and put the adhesive part right on the stitches. Even so, unless the stitches were incredibly shallow, it wouldn't get ripped out of the skin. so- FAKE

  harmony88  |  0

It's physics... provided the adhesive was indeed on the stitches... the larger the force used to rip off the bandage the greater liklihood there is for the stitches to be pulled out.

  mister_moops  |  0

god, you're a fucking idiot. you probably make the dumbest excuses to think everybody deserved whatever they got. you would click ydi if someone's dad died and back it up saying "ydi for having a dad who is prone to death". diaf dickhat

  mister_moops  |  0

god, you're fucking dumb. i bet you click ydi for every single fml and make up a stupid little reason to make yourself feel better. if someone's dad died you would probably say "ydi for having a dad prone to death" diaf dickhat

By  em0_AzNcHiKK_12  |  0

0ucH!! i cAn iMaqInE tHa pAiN... =*C so...it was your FRIEND huh?? nice FRIEND u qot there

By  SchitzoFRIENDic  |  0

Ohmygoodness, sweety!!! I am sooo sorry ;( well... Looks like y'alls relationship will take quite a while to "stitch back up" FYL.

  zargon  |  1

You know, while I understand your point, and I agree with it in principle, I'm not sure I fully agree with your assessment of "two at most". For example, you can easily see that I validly used five capital letters in the previous sentence and that in this sentence I also used three.

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