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I'd rather be a 25 year old virgin with no romantic experience than a 14 year old who likes to play Russian Roulette with STDs and underage pregnancy. Don't be ashamed of being yourself.

He acts like VASTLY underage sex is something to be proud of.


It's really not that big of a deal. Not many girls want a player, anyway.

especially if he's enough of an a-hole to make fun of his brother for something like that

Hello that's what brothers are for.

#109 brothers tease each other and mess around, but if your brother is on the verge of tears, you have gone way too far.

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#130 everybody has their sensitive topics, it isn't our place to tell someone how they should feel.

Yah but seriously dude needs to get laid

Well girls also don't want a person who's a complete dick... To be gonest I think OPs sensitivity actually would open up some conversations with real people.

I'm 16, I lost my virginity at 14. If anybody cares...this shit sucks. Let's be honest tho, sex is great. But losing your virginity too early will fuck. You. Over. And yes, 14 is WAY too young OP, trust me, I know lol. But back to what I was tryna say. Save yourself until you REALLY find THE ONE. Because if you lose it to the wrong person your view on life will change drastically.

well at least one girl wants op's brother...

He acts like VASTLY underage sex is something to be proud of.

I strongly feel he probably still is a virgin. Little boys are full of it.

What would be the "right" age to have sex though? I'm not saying that op's brother is right either.

the legal age in some states is sixteen, in other states it's 18, I dunno if there are any other ages

Vastly would be if he was 10 or 11, however a lot of places have a legal age of 16 so his brother is only two years off, which is the age that most people I know of had lost their virginity. People just want a reason to be mean to eachother especially their siblings, it wouldn't surprise me if OP's brother doesn't stay with the person for long anyway, whereas OP will probably stay with the person who is their first. Unless they're like a guy I went on 3 dates with that declared his love to me after we established there was nothing between us, then that's another story...

For some reason for this genoration it is

spoken like a true virgin.

18, according to the age of consent in California.

14 is early yes, but when I was 14 and I'd have a chance on sex I'd fucking take it... and I would be super psyched about it :p

Although some states allow 15 years of age, it's still pretty young for a person. 73 & 86 - all states have a minimum consensual age, ranging from 15-18, 16 being most common.

Your brother sounds like someone who should get slapped across the head

I think Upside the head would be better... Or Across the face even

...with every STD

He's a douchebag. You shouldn't care what he says op! You'll find someone someday and it it will be special! :)

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Right! Virgins rock

Hey! It's just a phase...

Not bragging, but I lost mine in 9th grade. I've always practiced safe sex, and I've never had STDs. I've never really seriously dated anyone. I'll get married and have a family one day, but I shouldn't feel ashamed because I enjoy having casual sex. Although I'm not going to mock dome one who is a virgin though.

Thank you I feel better. I'm 23 and still have mine

5 out of 6 doctors actually say that Russian roulette is safe.

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brocho 26

True, but the pill rarely fails. It only fails if you don't take it daily like you're supposed to. If you miss even one day you're not good to have sex for about a month of taking it daily. Too many people think that they can just take it whenever they want to have sex, and that's not true. My parents were married for 12 years before deciding to have me, and they never even had a close call in those 12 years. When they decided to have me and my mom got off the pill, my mom got pregnant immediately. But for 12 whole years before that, there were no issues.

My mom used it properly and all three of us are birth control babies. Pills for my sister and I, and the shot with my brother. It happens

Is it just my or is it scary how familiar you are with your parents' sex life?

Don't be an ass, 113. Her mom probably told her as a pregnancy warning.

I lost mine 11th grade and as long as you play it safe and do it with someone you trust, there's nothing wrong with it. Use protection and take it slow and make sure you actually care about the person.

#57 no, the pill fails sometimes even if taken as directed. That's why it isn't claimed to work 100% of the time. My mother took it perfectly, and obviously if she's my mother, it didn't work.

#140 It only fails if your body doesn't absorb the pill properly, or if you have unusual hormone levels and should be on a stronger pill. The first can be caused by throwing up, diarrhea, being on antibiotics or other medicine, intestines not functioning properly, you take the pill just before going to sleep, etc. You really have to know your body.

Birth control pills are fool proof. But some people aren't smart enough to be fools.

This, exactly. Kids shouldn't be in a hurry to grow up. It usually ends badly for them anyway.

I'd honestly prefer a guy that's waited for his first kiss than a boy who just wants to hit it and quit it and not have any emotion with it..

Thats what I look for in a partner. actual passion and love, not quick buttsecks.

who said they were doing anal?

Your brother is rude. I appreciate guys who wait for the right person, not just to say they did it.

Although, as much as you were able to choke back tears, I commend you for choking back your fist.

Slap the shit out of that brat

You'll be clean while he has an std, so who's really winning here?

Right?! (High five)

I have no clue why this comment is being upvoted, I have no idea how it would cheer me up if I found out my little brother has STDs at the age of 14. If you ask me no one is winning in that occasion. One of them is dying and the other one is loosing his underage brother.

Most STDs don't kill you. While I agree I wouldn't be happy that the jerk caught one, I certainly would feel it was deserved simply for being an asshole.