By shuahwan - 09/08/2015 05:46 - New Zealand

Today, to settle a bet with a friend, I took an online IQ test twice. The first time, I chose answers at random without reading the questions. The second time, I took it for real. I got a higher score from the random selections than from my serious attempt. FML
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Those online tests usually aren't too accurate, so don't dwell on it OP

But the question is, what was your score?


JMichael 25

I'm guessing this is exactly what happened

Winterborn253 7

Many IQ tests take time into consideration. Quickly answering questions probably scored you quite a few points.

But the question is, what was your score?

Or 'what were their scores'?

He probably scored about... Forrest Gump.

danimal_crackerz 26

Grammar nazi fail much?

I believe there are 2 lessons to be learned here.

Steve95401 49

It was purely chance that you scored better by picking answers randomly. What was your score when you took the test for real?

IQ tests also monitor how long it takes you. So if choosing answers at random made you a lot faster that's probably why your results came out like that

Those online tests usually aren't too accurate, so don't dwell on it OP

All these people trying to make OP feel better. Let's be honest they're just stupid

People disliking my comment cause they know I'm right lmao

The ones online aren't necessary very accurate. Also, depending on how you did the first one, your brain would unconsciously choose the answer you though was right.

_taylorharper_ 18

Usually these tests are timed and they give you a better score if you took less time, you probably took less time to randomly choose the answers

A lot of those "tests" score you on how fast you finished the test. Dang you #8. You beat me to it...

WordBea 23

So? They were both fake

What was the bet?