By Anonymous - United States - Killington
Today, I found my childhood diary stashed in a box in the attic. I flipped to the last page and noticed a little note written by my now deceased father. It read, "Well son, this diary proves that you're a whiny asshole - Dad." Thanks Dad, from beyond the grave. FML
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  ampm428  |  5

Dad stands for damn ass dick I'll start decks especially if they have boys young man for children Hints the reason why younger man Older man are so damn stubborn to go get help for depression etc.


FML team please either make 17's comment make sence or moderate it all he did was insult op's dead dad and say things that make no sence (sorry for misspelling sence idk how its supposed to be spelled)

  SammyS2012  |  21


It means in my opinion. Not trying to be mean or anything, but look at urbandictionary. It's helped me so much in figuring out what the heck people are trying to say. Usually, they have texting/chatting abbreviations. And it's kind of fun/disturbing to see what else is on that website

  MrsDruidess  |  23

it probably was a joke of some sort, I am sure OP's father thought it would be found in his life time, no way anyone would want to leave that for their son after they have gone. Sorry for your loss OP, just try to put it together with his personality, see what you think it really was, a dig at you, a joke or something else

By  bizarre_ftw  |  21

See, I don't want to insult your dead dad or make you any more upset but damn he's an ass, I hope he didn't fuck you up too bad, people like that that think any emotion a guy portrays proves he's a "pussy" or a "wimp" really have no place raising kids
Also, was your dad by any chance named Red, and could your last name possibly be Foreman?

  sens3sfailing  |  24

We gather here today to bid farewell to red foreman who died of a heart attack triggered by the joy he felt while shoving his foot up his now incredibly butt hurt son Eric, after finding his diary. Congratulations Eric, it's all you're fault...pussy.

  turkturkington  |  13

'Whiny asshole' in our universe, can be caring. And there's a fine line between being a whiny asshole and someone who actually makes a difference in society.
If there was anything in the diary that warranted his offspring needing real help, I'm sure he wouldn't have simply written that. Some of the best love I've received from parents and friends has been tough love, 'cause sometimes you need to not complain about your dad being a dick 'cause he wanted you to finish your homework, or hating your mum's guts for telling you to tidy your room. Being a youth worker, I know these are issues children face. The solution is getting then to realise that they are NOT issues, and focusing on the ones that they need to.


Seeing how this diary was written some years ago, and how OP has written the FML, I would venture a guess as to his father found the diary well after OP stopped writing in it and OP found it well after dad stuck note inside of it. Even if the dad put the note in shortly after OP stopped writing in it, thing and people very well could have changed in that time. Not a big deal really. OP needs to just let it go and get over it.