By Emptyspace - 25/06/2009 19:15 - United States

Today, I found my long lost diary and curiously read it. What's worse than finding out that your mother read your diary? Finding out that your mother wrote comments in it. FML
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Oh damn! That sucks. Write and entry and put a lot of explicit stuff that you do and dont tell her, and keep getting worse until you write "JK"

Awwwwwww. thats invasion of privacy. FYL


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There are lots of things worse than having your mother read your diary.

Like having your brother read it...and then bug you about it..

Nobody said it was the worst thing. Well, I haven't read all the comments yet, but still.

So? There are lots of worse stuff that can happen to you than the stuff that gets posted on FML. It's asinine to argue that just because other people have worse lives someone shouldn't be bummed about something like this.

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Or having your brother read it, showing it to your sister who tells your parents, then having him read entries outloud to the whole bus.

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did any one else notice that the numbers are out of order?

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that's why you shouldnt write diaries

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or your sister who writes comments

How is that "LOL?" OP, use a password protected input method now.

Awwwwwww. thats invasion of privacy. FYL

It is, but moms are nosy. So YDI for keeping a diary in the first place.

#17 — So the OP shouldn't keep a diary because they're automatically prone to having it read? Well, in that case, I shouldn't use the internet, because I'm automatically prone to having my computer hijacked at any moment. Or, I shouldn't go to any floor other than the ground floor of a building due to the possibility of falling out of the building.

she also shouldn't go outside because any man could rape her

#17, I guess she deserves it for having a mom too, huh? Plenty of girls keep diaries, but that does not mean people have the right to read them.

Yeah, I guess, but I throw mine away so no one can read them.

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dont write anything that you dont want anyone to read Simple as that

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#17, alot of people have diaries or journals. OP should have hid it better thats all.

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WTF? I would be so incredibly angry, how can she just openly betray you like that?

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Did ur mom like steal it from u or something?? This FML is confusing

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no dumbfuck, her mom just happened to find it and then read through it and wrote in it

That was never stated in the FML, all we know is that the mother read through it and put comments in it. So shut up.

wow youre stupid. its clearly stated that the diary was long lost.?

It's people like you who make other blondes look bad.

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Are you retarded? Stop making blondes look like bimbos.

yay Pennsylvania! lol and that sucks