By Mmkay1515 - United States - Plainfield
Today, my brother decided to join me on my first date. Not only did he answer the door with a bat, he also got inside the car and sat next to my date, pushing me to the back. He stayed the entire time, and walked me back to the house. My mom laughed and gave him $20. It was a dare. FML
Mmkay1515 tells us more :
Perhaps I should clarify here, for all of those that are wondering. I did, in fact, tell my brother various times to leave. I even tried to ditch him a couple of times Clearly you underestimate the power of an over protective older brother who is being offered money.
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  Vidrill  |  22

Yes, because the job of a good parent is to intervene and probably jeopardise the future happiness of their kids. There is a time and a place for pranks.... I hope OP made a big deal out of this to her mother and insisted that she never get involved in her love life again.

  LexieWins  |  0

I'm not sure how old OP is, but I completely agree with you. Unless OP is in the "chaperone required" stage, then OP needs to grow a backbone.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

intimidated or not, do what you have to do to get rid of him, it's quite immature of him to do that for money I'd say! dares are funny most of the time but op should have put her foot down. hopefully the guy has a sense of humour!

  VonGore  |  6

Well, I was basing it on age to see if maybe she just isn't old enough to have her own authority. A 16/17 year old could just blow their brother off and not let him come, whereas a younger girl couldn't do that because "she has to listen to her brother." I don't know. Sorry for my shit comment(s).

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Well, OP is dating someone old enough to drive, so I'm guessing she's 16+, unless the guy's a pedo,
then perhaps the brother with the bat might make more sense.