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Today, I found my diary on my mother's nightstand. Bookmarked. FML
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Take it back and write something about 'a big secret' and see how long it takes for your mum to ask you about it.

Talk to her about respecting your privacy


Talk to her about respecting your privacy

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Write stories in it about spitting in her food to teach her a lesson

And she has it on the nightstand like she's not trying to hide it either. What nerve!

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That's what anonymous blogs are for.

Regardless if she hid it or not, that's an invasion of privacy, and it shouldn't have been done.

perdix 29

#1, I doubt this will be popular with the younger readers here, but Mom's main crime was being so blatantly obvious about reading her diary. From a parent's point of view, it's important to discreetly peek at your kid's diary from time to time to make sure they are not getting into serious trouble. While teenagers have adult reproductive systems, they don't have adult wisdom, judgment, decision-making skill and income. You can have full privacy when you can take full responsibility for your actions. Moms and dads need to look out for their children until they become fully-formed adults themselves.

Bullshit, you need to teach your kids to become responsible. You don't teach them anything when you spy at them and prevent any bad situation from happening. That way yoir kids will become sheltered idiots who can't solve any difficult situation on their own. At least thats how I was raised, and in my young 18 years I haven't been pregnant (biologically impossible) and am not addicted, in debt or depressed. I can manage myself.

perdix 29

#48, either you are lying or you are in the minority. Keeping your kids from life-altering (or ending) mistakes doesn't make them sheltered idiots -- it keeps them intact so they can have the best chance of a good adulthood. Your hubris will bite you in the ass.

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When I was thirteen I found out my mother had been reading my diary. I held a tiny bond fire in my room and burned every thing I had ever written in one of her kitchen bowls (btw I was something of a writer back then.. It was at least ten books.) Then I climbed up onto the roof and sprinkled all of the ashes over her newly washed car.

Well, I have not kept a journal but if my parents would have been sneaking in my affairs I would have known. Besides if you have a good relationship with your kids they will trust you and come forward with any trouble, because they know and trust you. Peeking around in diaries is not the way to gain said trust.

This is probably the #1 reason I never had a diary when I was young.

Get off your high horse perdix he was raised a different way to you a way i would agree with and its not the wrong way of being raised it a reasonable and perfectly normal way. So just because you spy on your kids and stop them from making independent decisions doesn't make it right.

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Writing a *diary* in a *blog* is an open invitation for everyone to read it. And YES, then can figure out that this is you.

58 isn't this too much badassery for someone writing a diary ?

Bullshit, #44. Mine decided to help themselves to my works in my early teens, and it was a very long time before I ever look up writing again. I didn't trust them all that time, either. Is being a nosy POS worth that to you?

58 - I literally LOL when I read that. I'm in a public cubicle right now.

#44 You don't own your kids. You just happen to be there when they need you. Invasion of their privacy or trying to control them will only make things go in the wrong direction. You gotta have to learn to trust them, and give them the chance to trust you!

#44 BULLSHIT I'm with #44 all the way.

No, she doesn't. Poor mother was just taking up reading after years of busy days. She was completely relaxed and thoroughly enjoying this "diary" she'd found. Oh, how sad she'll be when she finds out they're private.

Haha I could imagine her sitting at a bar ordering drinks and reading it. lol

Yes. The decent thing to do would be for the mom to red her daughter's diary sneakilly behind her back.

Moms don't know the meaning of the word "private"

Maybe she just thought it was a very sad handwritten book.

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wow not very trusting, sorry op.

Or trusting enough to dare to read? Hmm..

Take it back and write something about 'a big secret' and see how long it takes for your mum to ask you about it.

No , her punishment must be much more severe... OP should put something that'll scare her mom. Maybe something involving a pregnancy scare?

Or she could cut straight to it and write something along the lines of "I found my diary in my mom's room tonight, with a bookmark and all in it. I am absolutely fuming and can't believe she'd betray my trust like this..." and then keep going on about it for a page or two. Guilt trip! :D

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She must have got it confused with another erotic fiction book.

Yeah I know, but I needed to emphasize how much this sucks for OP.

Actually there isn't, the button clearly says "I agree, your life sucks" and I wrote "FYL!" Please before being smart with me, be correct.

Buy her 50 shades. Old ladies love that $hit.

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Given that OP is familiar with FML and has respectable grammar. I would guess they're in the late teens at least, making OPs mother at least 40+. That's only my guess though, going on average ages at pregnancy, but you never know for sure I'll give you that.

Here in west Texas we had a pregnant 9yo a couple years back... This story is for two desperate points 1) reading a diary is not entirely a bad thing if you are respectful of your child and don't use the information negatively you can prevent MTV from starting a 10 and pregnant series 2) the mom could still be quite young if she made the early pregnancy mistakes that are become so common and may be reading the diary to help prevent her daughter from doing the same.

71 - Reading a diary is a blatant invasion of another person's privacy and a betrayal of their trust. Try all you want but you can't put a positive spin on that.

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People can get pregnant at 18, and tenaagers can start writing diaries at 14. So her mother could be 33 years old.

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Where the hell did you pull those ages from?

I hate parents who don't have any degree if privacy respect.

Nm stupid friend was trolling on my phone.

They meant to say of, not if. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out

Yeah sorry about that. My iPod likes to autocorrect "of" to "if," despite the fact that "of" is actually a word in the English language:)

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Autocorrect is strange. My iPhone likes to correct "do" to "so" for some reason.

Well, confront her with it. She thinks there is nothing wrong with it so she won't stop and change. Have a good talk and hope she understands.

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Yeah.... Right..... That is a great idea...... Parents dont care if you "Think" the diary is private. Its the biggest scam still going. Tell the kid its private and later see what has been written. Oldest trick in the book.

Well what would you propose? Not talking won't solve shit. Besides a good parent is never a maniacal unmannered control-freak, so I feel sorry if your parents didn't trust you. But what do I know about patenting, I am barely an adult myself. I just seems like commonsence.

Never mind the grammatical mistakes; just going to address the content. "A good parent" is also someone who is unlikely to be the hero of this FML. If you're a good parent, no matter how much you're worried about your child, you won't be an asshole who disrespects the child's privacy. Adding trust issues doesn't help anything. If the parent has to have it explained to him or her that reading someone's personal things - be they diaries, messages, emails or anything else - is immoral, then it's likely that that person is beyond the point of being talked to and it's time to just reciprocate with increased security. I've met these assholes, and teaching them the hard way is usually the only way.

I hope you have a good talk with your mother and make her understand there are things that need to be kept private and she can't just violate you're privacy like that.

This has nothing to do with your comment, however I have suspicion to believe you are scheming with #4 after looking at both your pictures.