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  jassporah  |  0

You already knew he wouldn't respect your privacy, so why wouldn't you find a better place to keep your diary or do the livejournal/Xanga/tumblr thing ? Unless ofcourse he keeps tabs of what you do online as well.

  chrissycrunk  |  0

lmaooo at your dad xD
I think the diary thing is funny, but I
wouldn't care I have no real secrets from my parents, they know I drink, sleep around and stuff. sooo there is nothing to hide :)
but you gotta be stupid keeping a diary knowing your dad doesn't respect your privacy

  ducky570773  |  14

because it's a diary!! a diary is a place where you can privately (as long as you don't have snooping family members) express your feelings. As for her dad he an absolut asshole for doing that. he should really respect her privacy. she should get his *ahem* " magazines" and burn them cuz that would REALLY teach 'em!!!!!

  blo0_starZz  |  0

Not me.
I find diaries irritating cause I'm writing what I already know. Plus, I only write if something bad/sad happened which gets me mad/sad again.
Which is annoying-.-

By  nameman  |  0

Get your dad back write something about some kinda surprise party for your mom or something and bait him into reading it. just make sure what you write doesn't backfire.