By ugh - 05/06/2010 23:49 - Canada

Today, my dad found and read my diary. Most of the entries were about how my father didn't respect my privacy. Then he phoned my aunt and read her passages from it. FML
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Well, this only proves that you're right. FYL and good luck alienating your dad from his snooping, OP.

your father is a f*cking dick, how could he do something like that without feeling that it's wrong at all


Well, this only proves that you're right. FYL and good luck alienating your dad from his snooping, OP.

What a bitchy move. But why were most of your entries about you're dad?? I sense a hermit FYL

haha yeah, thank him for proving your point and buy a lock for your door :p I don't understand why people are so nosey

That sucks! Guess he didn't get the hint huh?

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OP you should of put detail about you having sex and I bet he will never touch that again.

You already knew he wouldn't respect your privacy, so why wouldn't you find a better place to keep your diary or do the livejournal/Xanga/tumblr thing ? Unless ofcourse he keeps tabs of what you do online as well.

Gutz I don't think a simple door lock will do much

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you should keep a faux diary so when he finds it and opens it there are big red letters that say "PHYC!!!"

sure it would, if they were the only one with a key :p AFP = single greatest advancement of mankind...

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I agree with #1. OP FYL for having a snooping father.

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I mean 27 my bad *fails herself*

no 27 wasn't a fail it was win combo of faux = fake and psych! which makes phyc! pronounced fike!

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Sean what happen to your pussy pictures I love those pictures. But you look cute.

lmaooo at your dad xD I think the diary thing is funny, but I wouldn't care I have no real secrets from my parents, they know I drink, sleep around and stuff. sooo there is nothing to hide :) but you gotta be stupid keeping a diary knowing your dad doesn't respect your privacy teeheee

rawecupcakezz do you like know everyone on fml?? ahaha nearly every post you comment on turns into a 3 page convosation xD

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49- mostly some people. and today is your lucky day lol. hello, i am Rose. there you now know me and I can know you lol.

lol hi, I am chrissy if you didn't already guess and I like my hair being colours xD

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I love your hair. can I keep it? you can thread Jack on the first fml. if you like lol

kickass hair, 48. XD I'm gettin coon stripes put back in mine soon. OP, hide your diary better, or don't have one at all.

because it's a diary!! a diary is a place where you can privately (as long as you don't have snooping family members) express your feelings. As for her dad he an absolut asshole for doing that. he should really respect her privacy. she should get his *ahem* " magazines" and burn them cuz that would REALLY teach 'em!!!!!

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If he's that nosy don't keep a physical diary. Make a private account on livejournal, or something.

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YDI for having a diary. Who writes in a book no one can read except yourself?

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Not me. I find diaries irritating cause I'm writing what I already know. Plus, I only write if something bad/sad happened which gets me mad/sad again. Which is annoying-.-

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don't they have locks but your dad is funny

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No, they aren't. Daughters are not responsible for their Fathers' Bad Habit of being too Nosy for everyone's good.

Get your dad back write something about some kinda surprise party for your mom or something and bait him into reading it. just make sure what you write doesn't backfire.

u should have wrote in it about catching your mom having an affair that would have fixed the nosy prick

If she wrote about this, that wouldn't stop him from being nosey. Just probably end her parents' marriage