By screwwyou - 28/09/2009 01:16 - United States

Today, I was talking and joking with my boyfriend. He said "Hey wanna hear a joke?" I said "Yes." He said, "Our relationship." and walked away. He seriously dumped me through a one-liner. FML
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I always heard chicks dig a guy with a sense of humor Oh the irony


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sucks 4 u hopefully he doesnt decide to do this: lol

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that's awful! but then again it's super funny lol

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Yes an asshole...but I gotta give him points for being creative. I kinda like him for that reason alone ha

I agree with 48 here, gotta give the man props for being funny. Besides, there will be some other guy, your life will recover.

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well what if OP was the asshole and did jerky stuff to him, making him not like her. ever thought about that

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That really sucks. You're better off without him.

I always heard chicks dig a guy with a sense of humor Oh the irony

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Yeah, but that's hardly a sense of humour. That joke is so common he might aswell have asked her why the chicken crossed the road. Of course it admittedly wouldn't work as well in that context. "Why did the Chicken cross the Road?" "I dunno why?" "'Cause I'm dumping you." o_O'... LOL

"That joke is so common.." Saying "Hey wanna hear a joke?" isn't a joke itself, so how the **** is it a common "joke"?

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why did the chicken cross the road? cause the chicken wants to get away from you.

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Why did the chicken cross the road? to get the **** away from you.

damn thats so ****** up! I'm so sorry I hope he gets attacked by a flock of seagulls!!!!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is the funniest way I have ever heard of someone dumping someone. But all in all, I am sorry that happened to you. But this is a good thing as well as a bad thing. Let me explain...The bad thing is that you got dumped in a wretchedly ****** up but still funny way. The good thing is that you can now have a chance to find your one true love. Just laugh this one off and start your search for THE ONE. Best of luck to you!

Well YEAAAhhhh that's what I meant. The way it was delivered sounded so dark, I figured he might be going emo about her for some reason. She probably should have paid closer attention.

I have to agree, this was the funniest break up I've heard of (that's believable of course). FYL indeed.

dude, that sucks, sorry about that.. ..but at the same time, that was the best ever. win on their behalf.. (still sorry though)