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  jchansfan  |  0

Yeah, but that's hardly a sense of humour. That joke is so common he might aswell have asked her why the chicken crossed the road. Of course it admittedly wouldn't work as well in that context. "Why did the Chicken cross the Road?" "I dunno why?" "'Cause I'm dumping you." o_O'...


By  King_of_Kings  |  3

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is the funniest way I have ever heard of someone dumping someone.

But all in all, I am sorry that happened to you. But this is a good thing as well as a bad thing.

Let me explain...The bad thing is that you got dumped in a wretchedly fucked up but still funny way. The good thing is that you can now have a chance to find your one true love.

Just laugh this one off and start your search for THE ONE.

Best of luck to you!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Well YEAAAhhhh that's what I meant.
The way it was delivered sounded so dark, I figured he might be going emo about her for some reason. She probably should have paid closer attention.