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Today, I found an old dress in my house laying around. I decided to dye it green to wear it out on St. Patrick's day. Turns out it was my grandmother's wedding dress that my sister was planning to wear for her wedding. FML
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what the **** kind of wedding dress was it that you couldn't tell?

This is why you pay attention to things that arent yours!


Hahaha that sucks. Didnt it look like a wedding dress...? FIRST.

she deserves it for not asking before acting, and also your family has comunication problems if you didnt know wht it was when you saw it.

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Color the dress white like you did with green. There's luck on St Patricks Day so use it! :)

Sounds like OP didn't have the luck of the Irish.

if u live in a house with more than just urself u cant just use whatever u find...

u no I dye my sisters dresses different colors all the time...but it's more of a joke than me actually wearing them. I'm a guy too but I don't wear dresses

SHUT THE EFF UP ok sure it's just a wedding day but they want to look beautiful and take pics so they could look good and show their kids how their amazing wedding went sp shut up and live with it.

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166, it's not like it was a super expensive dress that got ruined, it was an old one that was being passed down. She wasn't planning on spending any money on her dress. Now someone has to spend something on it, even if it's just the cost of the bleach to turn the dress white again.

ur both missing the point. a wedding is about emotion and love, and if a bride feels a little decoration makes it a happier or more emotional (beautiful) occasion, then fine. but a wedding deffinately is NOT centered around having pictures for the future. thats idiotic at best.

ALRIGHT STFU!!!!! A wedding is a traditional ritual used to symbolize the companionship between two people Weddings could be done with a drunk pastor in a barn or they can be done by the Pope in The Holy Cathedral. Either way they hold the same bond Women have blown this ritual WAY out of preportion because it's supposed to be the day they always dream of. WELL **** EM. If every wedding was perfect than they would be boring as hell. I say wear that green dress with pride because when you wear it you say " should I give a **** about tradition?" and if anyone asks why it's green than blame OP


All you people saying that she shouldn't care about the dress, remember this was the grandmothers old dress. I am sure it has sentimental value.

Did you seriously just say that a family has communication problems just because someone didn't recognise their grandmother's wedding dress?

The communication problem exists because: 1. OP didn't know about her sister's plans; 2. OP didn't think of asking someone before dyeing a random wedding dress she found in the house

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pit says OP is a male. does that mean he wore a dress?

Maybe op sister can have a hipster wedding?

It couldn't have been that nice if you thought it was just an old dress. These things happen op, but FYL.

This is why you pay attention to things that arent yours!

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Am I the only one who sees that the OP is a guy?

I really wish people could learn how to read the symbols that tell if it's a girl or boy...

No, OP isn't a guy. Get your symbols right.

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It clearly states that OP is female.

Easiest way to remember the signs is the one pointing up is a guy so think of it as a guy is having an erection.

what the **** kind of wedding dress was it that you couldn't tell?

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Clearly it was just laying out in the open for NO apparent reason whatsoever... *sarcasm*

a heirloom. they're not as obvious as current day

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How stupid do you have to be to not a) recognize a wedding dress and b) want to wear a green wedding dress out on St. Patty's Day?

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Ahaha! A green wedding dress on St. Patty's Day! I didn't even think of that!!

How could you not have know that was your grandma's dress? I'll tell you what I tell my kids...if it's not yours, don't touch it!

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You're SO not invited to any family reunions. fail at life. That's horrible!! x(