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  KYLAisaBITCH  |  4

Could you, by any chance, explain what a "snow angle" is?


  GrooveSponge  |  0

Oh goody. The Grammar Nazis have invaded. ANNYWAYS OP, I could definitely see how you could do that! She could have been wearing very neutral colors and blended in!


26 or "kylaisaBITCH" (haha i see why) don't try to make yourself look witty or funny. we both know what I'm trying to say. unless you're an idiot, i'm pretty sure you can comprehend the word. kthxbai! cheerz!

  LukaInTheSky  |  3

Seriously? Y'all have some arbitrary rules about which homophones should be used correctly and which ones we should just let go?

Snow angles is too funny to let go.

  truthurt47  |  0

Why do people on FML always worry about, if they spelled something wrong and if so they go HAM on them. FYL if you care I spelled this wrong. Stfu n smc

  divadro102  |  16

106 - He bumped "something" only to find out it was his wife.. I think he would have said he bumped into her from the beginning.

Anyways; "You're the greatest THING that's ever happened to me..." < How about 'thing' here, is it inappropriate?