By gamerguru13 - 21/04/2013 12:26 - United States - New York

Today, my grandmother tried to upstage me at my wedding by wearing an actual wedding dress because she "never had a real wedding". FML
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rg350dx 29

Would you want your grandma to do this at yours?


rg350dx 29
Damian95 16

Old people have just been crossing all sorts of lines lately.

rg350dx 29

I guess it is true. Old people just DGAF

We need an "Old People" category here on FML.

thepersonyouknow 9

Why would this matter to you arent you a guy?

Would you want your grandma to do this at yours?

Also the grandmother ruined the relationship with her new granddaughter for at least a while

I don't get the FML community. If its "Today, my sister said I was upstaging her" you all say the sisters a bitch, and if it's "Today, my grandma tried upstaging me" you all say the grandma's a bitch. I can't help but feel that this is actually really sweet, and that I'd be happy for my grandma being able to fulfill that fantasy, since she wasn't fortunate enough to be able to in her own time. I doubt she was trying to "upstage" anyone.

48 It's all perspective and what info we're given. Had the one getting married wrote it, we would probably say the sister is a bitch.. If the sister wrote it like, "Today, I wore my brand new thousand dollar designer dress to my sisters wedding and she called me a bitch. FML." We would call the op a bitch.

No one actually said "grandma's a bitch" yeah I mean it's kinda cute but also like really grandma?

Jeez, lets hope the apple fell far from that tree.

perdix 29

You're the groom, dude! You're supposed to expect to be upstaged by the bride. It's your wife that should have submitted the FML!

His wife probably had a heart attack and couldn't post from the hospital.

rg350dx 29

Yeah. Could've been posted from Vermont

Or Main, or Iowa, or New York, or New Hampshire, etc....

Am I the only one that considered the possibility that OP is female, and just forgot to change the gender while submitting the FML?

NagainaFier 16 do realize that it's showing his username, and not 'anonymous', right? Which means he's posted from his account. Where he had to manually select his gender. Or hell, maybe OP is a trans, what do I know?

OP may have been having an identity crisis when they made their FML account and wasn't sure which gender to choose. You're right, how the hell should we know? :)

Unless Op clears this out, I think he's a gay male on his wedding day. He said that grams wore an "actual" wedding dress, perhaps he wore a white outfit as well.

According to the profile, it's a joint account.

The bride could've just gone on to FML without seeing that her husband was logged in. Also I'm a female, but sometimes my box is blue, sometimes pink. I'm not sure why because when I selected a gender I sure didn't choose both.

am i missing something because no where on my screen does it say if op is a girl or boy. I just assumed it was a girl

The app doesn't show gender anymore for done reason nor full location. The old app use to contain all of the same info about the poster as the site does.

perdix 29

On the web site, it originally said the OP was a man. It appears to be edited now, but that's what I saw when I made my original comment.

caysters 12

Or Washington! People always forget about poor ole Washington state...

rg350dx 29

For the record, I'm fully aware of the fact that other states recognize same-sex unions. I just chose Vermont considering it was the first state to do so and the most easily recognizable. So idk why Vermont gets thumbed down considering it's the original pioneer. Got a lotta anti-Vermontians on FML I guess.

billionair11 20

Yeah its what info we're given

Just hope she's not there for your "wedding night" x.x

NagainaFier 16

"For God's sake Grandma, NO, you CANNOT sleep in the hotel room with us."

Very punk rock meets broadway of her, just embrace this.

Easy solution. Fake your funeral. Granny's never had one of those before, and if her insanity kicks in as you're being incinerated or your casket lowered into a ditch...

Security at a wedding? What kind of weddings are you attending?! O_O

You've never been to a wedding at a venue that had security? It's most places policies here that if there is alcohol there must be a cop, therefore, security.

Where I live, most event venues/halls require 1 guard for the first 100 people, if its more than that, count on at least 2-3 guards.

At first I read "my grandpa" that made it even more weird than it already is.

At first I read "my grandma" in your comment, which made it even more weird than it is