By steph - 13/09/2011 21:40 - China

Today, I found a note on the front door of my flat saying, "You left your keys in your garage door so I put them in your letter box". Guess where my letter box key is. FML
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I bet you the key is in the letter box. OP leaves it a wonderful mystery where it actually is.

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that person could have broken into your house and chose not to. there are some good people in this world :')

You should invest in a fireaxe, never know when you need one. Zombies, bad breakup, getting mugged, airport security, breaking down a many uses.

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No guys, the mail box keys are obviously in outer space, garage is just a deep metaphor for spaceship. It's all there in the riddle.

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If that person got into your letterbox with no key, shouldn't you be able to?

He put the keys through the slot in the letter box so the guy won't be able to open his letter box without the keys

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No but seriously guys, it's in his mom's ******.

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Probably in his letter box... Otherwise how did the other person put his garage key in there?

what's funny is I have a baseball bat knife and a gun ( xD airsoft but it's meant to look pretty real) not for intruders but for zombies

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Your keys are in china. Next time you post a trivia question don't include your location

He can just call a locksmith and have them open the letterbox, no destruction required. He should compare that to what might have happened if some friendly passerby hadn't noticed the keys and helped him out. OP really ought to be thankful.

I'm pretty sure zombies aren't afraid of something that looks like a gun. Otherwise we could stave off the zombie invasion with cardboard cutouts.

yea, 172. And I don't see what the problem is with just trying to break it open. :S Unless it is issued by the community or something.

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What does OP even mean? "oh please" idk

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thats suxs, hopefully u can find sumwun to help?

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apparently somwun needs to help you learn the english language

You guys not going to comment on the word sux as well...

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Oh Jesus we got some grammar nazis here hail speilcheck!

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Apparently somwun needs to help 41 find some clothes.

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I know right? But its actually in the commenting policy to spell correctly... -___-"

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Lmao 110 so true. This is FML. Why do you need to have a pic like that. Lmao save it for someone who cares buddy. Oh and at least he didn't steal your key OP. I don't get how this is an FML. Big deal your locked out. Better than being robbed.

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Lol why would it be in Siberia. OP obvisouly is a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she left it in her chambers

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wait how did they put them in the box if it was locked ?

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Duh, I think 82 is the only one who gets it. It's probably already in a basilisk's stomach by now. Time for a little "Petrificus Totalus"

127, do you know what letterboxes are, and how they function?

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138 - I need instructions. Also if you have those instructions in Swedish I can break out my ikea translator

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127. they had the key to open the letter box which was on that key chain. DUH!

Its on his key set you stupid motherfuckers

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U guys are all dumb. The letterbox is locked, and the key is on his key ring in the letterbox, so he can't open it.


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Yeah, be glad an idiot found it and not a robber or a murderer or something.

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I recall a gentle man called Murphy and his law. What a dick (Murphy).