By Missusluv313 - 17/09/2012 11:25 - United States - Merrillville

Today, I went for my follow-up appointment with my surgeon. He walked into the room and said, "I thought you died." FML
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Missusluv313 tells us more.

Hello everyone! Yes, he was joking. I just didn't find that shit funny. And he actually is a good doctor. But to make up for it, he gave me extra time off from work. I don't think he would do that to/for everybody, but I work at that hospital.

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I'd like more info as to why he thought you died. XD

Well, Congratulations on not dying!! :)


I'd like more info as to why he thought you died. XD

Lawsuit? For making a joke? Any lawyers here? No, not to clarify this, but to beat the shit out of deformagraphic.

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Ah yes, the solution to everything. Think before you type 48! Not everything requires a lawyer.

48 You seem like the one that would sue for the dumbest shit and get ejected from court every time

There is a perfectly good explanation for everything. In this case, it is highly likely that OP may be Jesus

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72- Why in the world would you agree with 48? Trying to sue because of a joke is completely idiotic

Why? Frivolous law suits are one of the main reasons health services are so expensive.

75- Yeah, because THAT'S not ironic at all...

That's how 48 and 72 make a living by trying to sue others over bullshit. Also why they have no friends and even the homeless look down on them.

There is obviously a lack of communication in that hospital.

Or he could have just been a little off because of tiredness and sleep deprivation- Many surgeons have crazy schedules.

I'm sure Doc is probably going to show up and have insight about hospitals. Aaaany minute now... *jeopardy song*

Indeed, surgeons can be very sleep deprived. We usually cope with it very well, though. Somehow our bodies adapt to being without sleep, and our brains tend to function pretty normally even if we've been awake for 24 hours. I guess that's how I was able to cope with being a new parent so well - I was used to being awakened at odd hours and getting no sleep. :)

Thanks for commenting. I was afraid you wouldn't and I'd look like a fool! D:

Having dated a surgeon and worked hours that were comparable to those of a surgeon at an aerospace job, I can say that our brains/bodies do a remarkable job of adapting to long, strenuous, and/or overnight shifts. It seems impossibly exhausting at first, but you quickly learn to focus and perform difficult tasks under the new conditions.

Well, Congratulations on not dying!! :)

And doctors are supposed to know about everything with you. There's a miscommunication somewhere.

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Hey I'm from Indiana :) OP, that's kind of frightening. Unless you're a zombie

Hey man/woman, it's been at least 7 years since I've seen Dr. Nick make an appearance. Cut me some slack.

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That's because he died in the movie

He got crushed by a giant piece of glass. The only one. Everyone else had little glass like snow really.

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Good, caring doctor. But seriously OP. That sucks.

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Your response: No! That was your bedside manner that died. It was a horrific death.

Tell him you came back from the dead to complain about how much of a shit job they did.

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I don't see the FML here. What's so wrong with him thinking you died? You aren't dead soo....

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Maybe it was an inside medical joke that doctors use on patients...or maybe you just have a bad doctor