By anonymous - 14/09/2011 00:07 - United States

Today, my boyfriend cheated on me. But he justified it by saying she was a ginger. FML
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Lol... Watching the ginger episode of south park right now. Doesn't count, they don't have souls.

Gingers ARE so hard to resist!


Lol... Watching the ginger episode of south park right now. Doesn't count, they don't have souls.

DKParth13 5

Fire Crotch!!;)

You should dye his hair read and then dump him.

fthislyfe 22

Oh so don't worry

enonymous 8

Red heads know how to have more fun. Fun does not require souls

It wasn't her soul he was fucking.

I'm a Ginger. It's true that we don't have souls.

enonymous 8

I too am a fucking sexy ginger. My pubes have been tinted in such anyway it looks like a fire crotch.

YourEvilHero 12

wow and I thought I had all the l gingers locked up in my basement. the hunt is on again...

otb113 7

hahaha 54 you fucking genius!

69, you missed me lol.


Lol best be careful those who hate on gingers. We don't have souls and thus won't go to hell. There are a lot of things to be done with that knowledge ;)

Stiggy626 25

Haha right? it's not cheating if they have no soul

Gingers ARE so hard to resist!

Gingers are SO hard to resist, the lack of soul is what I find so appealing.

Some gingers are really sexy though.

Yea.. That Seth Green sure is sexy. Nah, but it's true some really are ;)

muchagente 5

and they are rare. one can't be expected to let that chance pass.

she was a blowup doll?

XxHoPPoxX 8

im a ginger......ladies please one at a time

I'm Korean. *steps in front of you to take first pick of the women*

I'm a cockblock. -steps infront of all you And scares every lady away-

Badboy6 5

What a douch, Nuff said.

kings1fan 6

Agree! What a fuckin idiot

enonymous 8

You mean douche or douché right?

He's obviously too cool for that enonymous

leadman1989 15

If he were smart he'd say touche or touché.

azcardinals1307 2

This brings a range of Doctor Who jokes to mind...

valid point. since gingers have no souls, its like he really didn't have sex with anyone but you.

I am a ginger and I have no idea how having a soul or not plays a part in sex. I don't even know how the soulless joke got started, but I'm sure when it comes to sex guys couldn't care less about whether the girl they're about to have sex with has a soul or not.

ReynshineCutting 10

Those would be the shallow worthless guys who don't care. Real men look for more than just getting off when they have sex.

my boyfriend is a ginger. so i can say with all accuracy that his argument is invalid. gingers know what they're doing.

It's okay, she doesn't have a soul anyways.

Madiluvsyuh98 2

I have a soul!

MissBunnyWillEat 11

79- No, actually, you don't.

lliki 0

Shes right, you dont!

That just makes it worse! Gingers are fucking nasty.. And complete psycho whores.. So It makes sense. Cut your losses, don't go back to him.

So... I'm fucking nasty and a psycho-whore just because I have red hair, huh? That's like saying all blondes are too fucking easy and insecure and that's why they whore around. And brunettes are too prissy and boring to ever give out before marriage.

pfx2_fml 15

Gingers don't count as real people, they don't have a soul.

I dislike the majority of your comments.

#10, if I ever have a son like you, I'll disown him.

JennaMarie420 2

It's not like #10 was the only one who said it

53: Yeah, but if you read his other comments on the fencing FML, you'd see he's one of the few who actually meant it.

They actually do. We are people like everyone else only difference is we are better in bed. And it's proven

Agreed #10 is a douche..

otb113 7

Not this fucking kid again!

pfx2_fml 15

And again all of you pussys are on here talking shit about me.

gazzdogs 5

fight me keyboard warrior

otb113 7

Hahahaha 101 you are amazing

Are you pms'ing 99? Or are you just a pathetic troll