By MailMaster - 22/07/2011 04:20 - Australia

Today, my new mailbox key finally arrived. Not at the front door as I requested, but in the mailbox. FML
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Shoulda used FedEx

moninbg 8

Common sense is not so common


Hahah. You can't have everything you want.

qyka 5

reach ur hand in

derp. Get a dog, they seem to help when you're having mailman troubles.

Wow. Finally the saying you can't have your cake and eat it too makes sense.

The cake is a lie, though.

TheRealHouse 7

I still don't get it.. why can't you eat half of it? Or just buy more? and who cares about cake anyway?! it should be "you can't have your crack and smoke it too" now that makes sense!

-35 Crack? Have you never snorted unicorn pisss, glitter, and Charlie Sheens awesome? I prefer that but hey, that's just me.

i see you got a new mailbox after your last one was stolen

orders always go wrong these days. I Blame the internet

coffeygirl12 14

common sense has left the world.

Kylias 6

13, if they need a mailbox key, does it seem like they can reach their hand in? :P

56- I agree! what's wrong with an old fashioned letterbox?

MrFlintstone 5

-56- no we need to try and bribe common sense back. but what should we use hmmmmmmm.......

just wake up early tomorrow and stand beside your mailbox and wait for the mailman to come. when he opens your mailbox to put in the mail explain what happened and take your key.


82 has the right idea with the waiting for the mailman


but the best option is to attack him, steal his keys and truck and put each one of his keys in random mailboxes throughout the country! That'll teach him!!!

OP, how did the mail man put it in then?

Shoulda used FedEx

lovexbox 8

Exactly. Wouldn't OP realize that keys are small and going to be put into a mailbox instead of delivered to his door?

miamiheatfan56 0

If you request the key to be put at your door, they should put it at your door. And the key might be small, and come in a big box.

miamiheatfan56 0

My second sentence doesn't apply to OP's situation though.

Someone_somewere 7

how does she know she got the key if she can't even open her mailbox?.....

^ exactly!!!!!¡!¡

mailmen have a sadistic streak

Apply a hammer?

Eggers 2

um. or catch the mailman tomorrow before they close your mailbox?

sxe_beast 11

Wow Eggers. The amount of common sense you posses is profound. We need more people like you reproducing...

4, then it wouldn't make sense to get the key...

sxe_beast. actually he's right. the mailman got into the mailbox to put the key in there (we know this Bc it says waaaaaay up there at the top of the screen) so we can deduce that the mailman is able to get right up on in there. next time u be a jackass think a little bit more.

sxe_beast 11

What are you talking about? I was congratulating Egger's on his intelligent comment. It makes much more sense than applying a hammer to the mailbox?

NeverShoutDana 13

Breaking and entering into your mailbox is always an option.

*offers a crowbar, a hammer, and a file to the OP*

slimjim8094 12

Sure, if you want a felony on your record. The government takes the mail pretty seriously...

slimjim8094 12

Sorry, that comment was about the US. Not sure it holds true down under, but I wouldn't be surprised

sorry I text you but its a landline but anyway just massage me back when you get this

man are those people dumb. lol

BloodyDraven 0

REGEN SMASH!!! REGEN SMASH!!!.....REGEN sleepy.....

You'd think the mail company would have more common sense. Especially if they requested it on their front door.

cimh 9

same thought here! I'd call the company and ask them what their logical way would be to get the keys out without breaking it!

If someone asks it to go to the door, they usually try. Maybe the OP didn't answer the door, or wasn't home when the post came. If you're not there to answer it and it's small enough they put it in the mail box instead of leaving it on your step. Alot of people have their stuff stolen if it's left on the step.

moninbg 8

Common sense is not so common

simple tasks are hard for simple people

Well, the only thing you can do now is order a new one.

wow your just as dumb as the mail people..