By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was at the bakery I work at. A man came in to pick up a cake he said he ordered, but we could find neither the cake nor the order form. He yelled at me about being 'incompetent' before remembering that he had ordered the cake from a different bakery. FML
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  TeDDY0522  |  0

haha i've actually seen that at dominos pizza when we ordered 2pizzas..some Indian guy comes in and starts bitchin at the worker and after like 10min he realizes that he didn't call dominos that he called papa johns that's rite next 2 it

  ydi_4_suking  |  20

similar thing happened to me. some guy called saying i installed his door window wrong and things were breaking and cussing at me. and when i asked when i put it in he looked at his reciept and he had called the wrong glass company

  nond2nv  |  4

I work in telephone banking. I've had people call with their account numbers and start yelling when I can't find anything. It's sad that it has now become a routine question to ask - "Are you sure you're calling the correct financial institution?". WTF?!

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

I once ordered a $45 cake from a bakery for my nephews birthday and then when I went to pick it up it wasn't anywhere, and there are 2 bakerys in my city so I knew I wasn't mistaken and so the bakery admitted they made a mistake and I got 3 free $20 cakes that were made a few days ago and were waiting to be sold!

By  mrahhhhh  |  19

"Today my bad memory ruined my day. I lost my shit and yelled at some woman at a bakery because I thought she lost my cake. Then I realized I'm at the wrong bakery. And my wife's birthday is next week. Plus the energy I wasted from my screamfest lowered my blood sugar and I had to take my medication. Turns out I accidentally bought HYPERglycemia medication from my discount medication dealer Sam who lives in the alley behind my apartment instead of HYPOglycemia medication... "

"...this swimming pool I passed out in feels really cold. FML"