By Jackassed - 12/05/2011 17:53 - United States

Today, as a prank, a friend and I tied a 10 dollar bill to a fishing line, and yanked it away from people as they reached for it. It was going really well until one of our victims pulled a knife and chased us around the block. FML
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you made me lol at 1am. damn you.

not to be a spelling nazi but you said loose as in her vag was loose instead of lose like lose blood. lets see how many -1 i can get


you made me lol at 1am. damn you.

johnson94 5

what if... the man was pulling a prank on y'all! what an ending with a twist! :O

ahaha haha that's what you get

kruzito 0

He was just trying to play tag. Except when you loose you loose a couple pints of blood as well.

maybe dropping the 10 dollars would have been a good idea!

not to be a spelling nazi but you said loose as in her vag was loose instead of lose like lose blood. lets see how many -1 i can get

fightin4fun 0

LMAO! that's what you get!

don't pull pranks in harlem new york

hahahaha this is one of my fave FMLs I think it is because something like this would probably happen to me

there's a mnemonic for you: her loose vag was losing blood... (i'm going to get more - than you)

kingsamuelcdt 0

lol you fail

bitches aint nothin but tricks and hoes - gandhi

SmallyBigs 9

If you have a fishing pole... and he has a knife... and there's 2 of you...

Your mums abortion failed

OceanBreathesSal 5

your dads condom failed :)

alychick 5

You don't say? Thanks Captain Fucking obvious.

you made me lol at 1am. damn you.

LOL well you were going fishing, at least you caught something =P

Bbhd05 0

A tip for op: don't do stupid shit in the ghetto.

pshhh 10 dollars is cheap, I'd go for 20 then I'd chase you round the block ;)

It was probably a hobo though, that $10 could buy a decent amount of beer, or maybe a few cheap meals.

Ahhh good point!! hehe poor Hobo I feel bad now :P

or drugs which is why you don't give the money instead give them food or socks and stuff like that

Probably the very same hobo mentioned in one of the top FMLs where he chased the OP for six blocks with a knife; he's infamously known for carrying a knife.

Zeek63 0

Your not supposed to run with a knife well at least when he is on the ground bleeding to death you will have the last laugh

pshhh 10 dollars is cheap, I'd go for 20 then I'd chase you round the block ;)

TheDrifter 23

At least he didn't catch you. Could have been a much worse fml.

there would be no FML lol

FMC. Fu*k My Corpse.

OasC82 0

hey, you don't say that

your fault. dumbass.

persianjr1 7

Wow. A little harsh maybe?

no sense of humar

wow learn to spell humor?

wow learn some manners

Easy on the insults there hun. . .

um y'all are overreacting. and don't call me hun. thanks.

FMLandurstoo 9

Don't tease criminals.

Wanna hear a joke that has no connection?

FMLandurstoo 9

Uh sure?

what's funnier then corn??

People who don't know the difference between then and than?

evalimegreen 0

hey I don't Even know that

So is there an answer?

oh yeah sorry hehe, and sorry for the grammar mistake :S okay heres the answer: CORN THAT GOES POP??? D'ya get it?? hehe

0opsie 6

*cricket chirps*

wow she means popcorn ya'dumbass

Your picture makes your comment like 10 times better.

Well sorry but I don't think popcorn is funnier than corn. I don't think it's even funny at all.

GeneralGreivous3 0

Wait... corn is supposed to be funny?

hotscar 3

111, if you're grevious, why is your picture maul?

... it's one of those jokes that aren't funny, sorry :(....

AutumnBeatricee 0


That's the worst joke I've ever heard. Oh wait, I've got a better one. You being pretty!

the point of the joke was to be bad... it's one of those things young people laugh at... 'cause its such a fail of a joke?? and thanks for the mature comment back i'm sure your mum's proud.

a_nutritionist 10

wow, i was thinking the responses were borderline until 144 just shot over the line between acceptable and unacceptable. i bet he thinks it makes him cool too because he acts like a cunt. youre lucky youre 13 and have time to think like a fully functioning person, cos right now youre nothing but a waste of carbon and water.