By Anonymous - Denmark - Copenhagen
  Today, I foolishly told my husband that I know he's been holding back sexually, and that I was willing to indulge any sexual fantasies he may have. Now it seems that tonight, I'll be responding to the name "Fluttershy". FML
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  IsAbElLiCiA20  |  6

What a strange man you've married, OP..
But, I'm sure he goes out of his way to please you to the fullest extent which is more than likely why you offered to do whatever he'd prefer, all I gotta say is Good Luck! ;)

  epicwaffles  |  7

People like OP's husband piss me off, but i still try to tolerate. As a proud brony I just wanted to say ahead of time that not all of us are like OP's husband, and that no, we dont jack off to cartoon pony's, its actually a genuinely good show if you take the time to watch it, but back to the point here. We don't support what OP's husband is doing.

Sorry, it just seems that people like generalizing an entire fanbase of off a small group of people, and honestly, im tired of it.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

157- Every group has that issue, whether a fandom, fetish, lifestyle, organization, or natural grouping (like race). A few example: all furries are into cos-play and bestiality; anyone into BDSM has a dungeon full of torture devices; all Republicans are racist millionaires; all Democrats are free-loading fascists. If you have any trait or interest that sets you apart from general society, you will be scrutinized. If there are others with similar tastes who go to extremes, they will get the most attention and give the group a false reputation. Hence stereotypes.

  l23VIVE  |  17

Actually Democrats are more generally stereotyped as Free-Loading Commies, in a political scale Republicans are closer to Fascists than Democrats are. Fascism is all the way to the right, Communism is all the way to the left.

  subbullet  |  7

Every Fandom has the weird ones. Personally, I love Fluttershy to death and I think she is extremely cute. But remember, we are Bronies and we love and tolerate.


Would this be a reference to the Discord Whooves Series Of comics and the name given to the main character by the main character of the Blog blitzgetsallthemares' Rainbow Blitz (A genderbent version of Rainbow Dash) ?

  OtetcBoris  |  1

157 - You sir need to get your head out of other peoples bedrooms, and generally get out more. I guess you are trying to protect your reputation as a non-ponysexual brony (how you have become that way is a different question), but you are doing it in the least gallant way possible. Of course there will always be a huge layer of sex-negative couples who practice only under-the-sheets missionary sex once a month. but the rest of us do things that those would swear at us for anyway. You think few people roleplay celebrities? Do you know the actual numbers of people who are asked to roleplay Obama (as a visual I find that much more disturbing than fluttershy). Do you know how many of the people asked to roleplay Obama are heterosexual women? Ponies on the other hand represent something comprehensively better and brighter than humans, and the agreeing people would prefer to interact with them instead of people in every way. Therefore it does not surprise me someone would like their favorite pony roleplayed to them in bed.
Finally, I won't say that this kind of post is oversharing, but complaining about this publicly after asking on her own accord what her husband would like to change in bed instead of debating it with him is disrespectful and uncaring towards him, and having found most bronies to be kinder than average people, I really think OP's husband deserves better.

  NeatNit  |  32

74: what grabs most people in this show is its lovely writing. It's genuinely funny and has some decently consistent & thought out universe. Unlike some other kids shows not worth your time.
It brought back what we all miss in cartoons. It's hard to get over the overly-colorful packaging, but once you do, it's worth it.


I don't really have a favorite pony >.< My top 3 though are Derpy, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. Now let's all remember how hard My Little Dashie made us cry like good bronies. :3

  BradTheBrony  |  19

Oh, piss off ya little whiny bitch. Why can't you just accept it? PEOPLE LIKE THE FUCKING SHOW, BIG FUCKING WHOOP. How in all that is, was or ever will be considered anything close to "the fuck" does that effect your day to day life? Tell me.

But enough of that. I have a mission for you. There's this creature commonly known as a "Fuck," and it's REALLY loud and annoying. The Council has elected you to stop it. Yes we've indeed elected you to shut the Fuck up. So go carry out your duties, chosen one.

  Link5794  |  18

The best horse ever is named Epona. Not only is she invincible, she has been reincarnated at least twice.
Shadowmere is a close second, followed by the Old Spice Guy's horse.
Of course, none of these are ponies, but my point is that Zelda, the Elder Scrolls, and Old Spice commercials are better that MLP.

  SonicRainboom  |  3

People like the show because the characters have realistic and likable personalities. And naturally, when you like someone, you have sexual fantasizes about them. Who cares if it is a pony? It acts like a cute, shy girl; or are you one of those people who only cares about physical looks?