By Divorce? - 29/07/2017 00:30

Today, I came home and caught my husband in a compromising position. He was watching Twilight. FML
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afallingstar 22

Revoke his man card immediately.

Look at it this way: you now have blackmail material you can hold over him forever.


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adventureinthesea 14
Stiggy626 25

I guarantee it's 99.5% a joke. funny tho, right?

LeoCor 18

At least it wasn't 50 shades

Twilght may be both a terrible book and movie series but I don't think it should ever be the main reason to divorce someone.

afallingstar 22

Revoke his man card immediately.

Twilight!? An affair would have been better. Contact your lawyer immediately.

This FML is a better story than twilight

Dethknite 4

divorce is too good for him.

If you contemplate divorce over such petty reasons perhaps your marriage won't last. Even joking about divorce gets old and it will only be a matter of time before he does divorce you. Such negativity in marriages are normally one-sided. Be the better half, not the cancerous side.

You'd be a great person to take to a comedy show