By um - 08/02/2011 00:54

Today, I told my new boss to wish his daughter a happy birthday on my behalf, as I overheard him saying it was today. Turns out she committed suicide three years ago. FML
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krazy_glu3 0

that sucks!! it's not like you knew tho..

takeapieandrun 9

Can't blame you for trying to be considerate.


sindy23 0

whoever says u deserve it doesn't have a heart

sindy23 0

whoever says u deserve it doesn't have a heart

agreed with 13 and 1

denbeste 3

Did you highfive your boss? :D at least he dosen't have to desk with all the drama:D

surfermatt2467 0

what are you talking about ?

SynysterNero 20

45- dude, what the hell is wrong with you?

krazy_glu3 0

that sucks!! it's not like you knew tho..

yeah he's the one who brang it up, how we're u you meant to know she was dead

Is brang even a word lol?? I think brought it up makes more sense...just saying.

not if you live in the south, ain't is a perfectly acceptable word

BlackHoleSuns 0

I'm from the "south" and I have never heard the word brang. I have also heard people use the word ain't in several different places throughout the United States.

brighteyes81 0

#16. How about the obvious? We're means we are, thus your sentence makes absolutely no sense.

parkg1996 0


66- If you can't make sense of grammaticaly incorrect people, you must be REALLY stupid. The only time I can't understand someone is when their sentence structure is out of order. I can almost always make an educated guess though.

brighteyes81 0

11. The sentence, if read correctly, makes no sense. So with your logic, to be really smart, I should be able to read, understand and unquestioningly like horrible grammar? Yes...I'm the idiot...

115 drama queen. you obviously knew what she meant, and you don't have to LIKE a grammatically incorrect sentence. maybe it was auto correct! who cares? freaking grammer nazi...

brighteyes81 0

^You're obviously uneducated. If you knew anything about Nazis you would compare anyone correcting grammar to them.

you're obviously a bitch^

Were*. Yes I know I'm a Grammar Nazi

jumped the gun...

ahahaha... that's not funny!!!

Bbhd05 0

Brown-nosing at it's finest.

takeapieandrun 9

Can't blame you for trying to be considerate.

Eavesdroping is deliberately listening.

So does that mean that if someone's talking and say your name during their conversation you're eavesdropping when you react as you do when you hear your name? You may not get me but i'm just trying to say that just because OP overheard a conversation doesn't mean he is eavesdropping.

IvyPeaches 0

Oh man... This is too horrible to post a funny comment no thumbs up or down......

Kelita 0

Well I'm not trying to b mean but that's y it's best to not say anything u just HEAR about unless YOU r personally told cause stuff like that could happen. Don't feel bad though cause u didn't know n ur intentions were prob good next time ma advice is don't comment on Somethin u just hear.

My advice is: don't react on something if you are not capable of writing one sentence without mistakes and with punctuation. OP, FYourBoss'Life

my advice is to stop being a fucking grammar Nazi and get a life. I actually hate grammar Nazis or people who constantly correct people on there grammar with a passion.

haha it's not only the grammar, it's long winded, repetitive and contradicting! just saying! lol

lol I didn't even read wat the post was :p

Surfer7456 7

think I almost had an aneurism trying to read this comment...

#33, that's "their" not "there".

I just can't read it. I start, but it quickly hurt my eyes ! And I don't like to cry blood ...

brighteyes81 0

Correcting someone's spelling is fine. If I spell something incorrectly I want someone to tell me. If no one corrects my mistakes then I'll keep making them. On another note, I absolutely hate the term "grammar Nazi"! I think only ignorent people use that terminology. Please, go google what a Nazi is, what they did and look at the pictures. Those are Nazis, not the people correcting your grammar. So FYL for being so stupid you confussed people correcting your grammar with people who shot babies in the head next to the rest of their family because of fear and intolerance!

zomglol 3

You spelled 'confused' wrong.

brighteyes81 0

#68 thank you. Confused :)

TyfMacG 0

Also spelled 'ignorant' wrong.

TyfMacG 0

That was supposed to be to #67

brighteyes81 0

Thank you #74 :)

brighteyes81 0

Thank you #74 :)

dumb ass I know Wat a Nazi is and grammar Nazis are 100x worse. I would rather kill all the grammar Nazis by torcher than Kil hitler regs

brighteyes81 0

82. You are the major reason why there are grammar protectors. You're just mad because they make you feel stupid and inept. Which probably is a feeling you had since the day you saw your genitalia. You are disgusting if you honestly believe what you wrote. However, you're probably a young naive child who has no idea what the holocaust was like or about. Good luck in life, with your grammar and thought process... you'll need it.

sparta98 4

#33- It isn't his fault you're too stupid to differentiate between 'there' and 'they're'. Dumbass.

Kelita 0

Damn talk about cut throat ppl. I was just tellin him a cute way to do it but then y'all got on me for ma grammar. Its cool though, I ain't gon sweat it. Oh I gave y'all a comma haha. :-)

firecapez 4

89 - Learn to use correct grammar before correcting someone else on their's. It is actually 'their', not 'they're".

But you see, 33 and 67 are two very different people. While I admit 67 has issues with a few words, she accepts it and moves on. She is not like 33 who spells things wrong then tries (poorly I might add) to defend his actions. It was a horrible thing to say about wanting to kill "grammar Nazis" more than the actual thing, but then again I am not surprised because 33 is an idiot.

88 when people use the term grammer Nazi they do not literally mean that ypu are someone who shoots babies. They just mean someone who "shoots you down" by grammatically correcting you. i do not have a problem with (and you would not be considered a Grammer Nazi) people correcting me without sounding like stuck up bitches who just learned to speak and are showing off!!

brighteyes81 0

128. One you still should never use Nazi in reference to anyone other than Nazis. Also, shooting babies was just one of the many horrific things they did. In addition, how you could know what it "sounds like", since it's written word, is totally up to the observer in most cases. So generally, with the exception of curse words, what you read into it is generally what you project.

Sorry to interject, but you can tell what a "grammar Nazi" sounds like as opposed to constructive criticism by the tone of their comment. " My advice is: don't react on something if you are not capable of writing one sentence without mistakes and with punctuation." as opposed to "Don't react without re reading what you say, the spelling and grammar mistakes take away from the effectiveness of your argument." Obviously, no one uses the term Nazi in the literal sense, I agree with #128 "They just mean someone who "shoots you down" by grammatically correcting you." If though, on the off chance, someone does not know about the holocaust, and the events that took place, then they should not use the term in reference to anything.

Somebody PLEASE tell me wtf "Anti-flood Protection" means. I am literally going to blow up. >:@

F all your lives. It's not like you knew, and I'm sure your boss understands if he hadn't told you before.

Good point...

hotair10 9

that.... is just sad. It's not your fault you didn't know though....