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Today, I came home on leave from a 7 month deployment to Iraq. I wanted to see my girlfriend today, but she needed to spend time with her sick grandmother. As it turns out, her sick grandmother and my cousin are the same person. FML
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wow sucks to be you.... what a mean person. both your gf and your cousin.

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People, she told him she had to spend time with her grandmother, but it was actually his cousin. She was cheating on him with his cousin! FYL, OP. This truly sucks.


wow sucks to be you.... what a mean person. both your gf and your cousin.

Before we start a military discussion like we always do in any FML mentioning Iraq or military, let's just say haven't we had enough of these FMLs where the partner cheats on them after leaving for a few or so months?

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Yeah seriously. Everytime it starts with them saying they've just come home from overseas, it ends with them being cheated on. Enough of these...

I have to agree. That's all you hear on this site, about people coming back from some kind of war, to find their wife/girlfriend having sex with another person. It's getting pretty stupid.

So maybe women should just STOP CHEATING. Not too much to ask, surely?

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agreed, i was just thinking the same thing. as much as the situation sucks, these fmls about it sure are getting repetitive. enough already.

call me stupid, but for a few seconds there i thought that her grandma was your cousin and I got heaps confused. bahahahha im a retard.

I agree! It is getting really boring to see all of these. Kind of like those lawyers who keep saying prostitution as opposed to prosecution or such. I really hope this trend dies or whoever is monitoring the FMLs need to start checking if there were already a million of these.

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Am I the only one who didn't interpret this as cheating, but simply as lying to hang out with someone else? Of course I could be wrong, but the evidence that cheating is involved seems a little shallower on this one. And as far as I'm concerned, if cheating was not involved, the OP is being pretty whiney. She probably doesn't feel very close to him since his leave and probably already had plans.

#10, if you search for the word "deployment" in the search bar, you'll find that there have been a grand total of 3 FMLs about this topic; two of them just happened to have happened in the last few days. So please quit bitching about it, especially if you are not in the military.

Hey, people get deployed and cheated on every so and then. Who is to say that it's repetative, it's because it is.

Maybe he was already in the military when he met her...if all men thought that way ("Ooooh,maybe I shouldn't join the military because one day I'm gonna meet the love of my life and if she's jsut my girlfriend she won't wait for me...") then there would be no volunteers but a draft instead...and then everybody would be bitching about that. And I've known plenty of women who were "just" girlfriends when their men deployed and decided to get engaged/married after the deployment was over because making it through together showed them how much they mean to each if a woman does not want to wait for her man, then she should just tell him right away before he even leaves...

#89, you have GOT to be kidding me. You act as if the OP had a choice/wanted to spend 7 months away from his girlfriend. Just because you're not married or engaged doesn't give you the right to cheat on someone when they're not around. Not to mention you shouldn't have to ask your GIRLFRIEND to stay true to you. And your "I don't think people who go into war realize how hard it is on someone who stays behind." phrase is possibly the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. It's hard on both parties...

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For those of you confused, the GF was not cheating on the OP. It clearly says, "her sick grandmother and my cousin are the same person." Cousin is gender neutral. There is nothing to suggest that his cousin is not an 80 woman with grandchildren unless the OP didn't realize that sarcasm does not translate in print. Some people just assumed it was like the FML posted earlier. This would make the gf the OP's first cousin twice removed, and while a little creepy, I don't believe there are any consequences, biologically or legally, with being with someone that closely related.

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#104- There is no draft. It was his choice.

THANK YOU, if you don't like them, don't read them. keep on scrolling.

THANK YOU, if you don't like them, don't read them. keep on scrolling.

girl, you sound like a dirty *****. YOU obviously don't realize how hard it is to go to war. you sound ignorant and young. you must be one of those girls that thinks it's okay to cheat as long as no one finds out.

The point is that he was going overseas to risk his life and she had the nerve to lie to him

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@devildog03: From the FML FAQ about choosing FMLs: "To do so, we follow a few guidelines and criteria, a good FML should seem fresh, well written, did really happen and has to be funny without being shocking or overtly gross!" This FML fits none of those except maybe did really happen (I have no way of showing otherwise). From the "How does it work?" on moderating FMLs: "Refuse a FML if a similar one already exists on the site." This is the third of its kind posted within a 4 week period. So yeah, I can bitch about it if I want to, what does being in the military have to do with it?

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then it would pretty much be incest... that sucks even worse... haha

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Thanks devildog! and to the 50 others who claim its repetitive and always cheating...shut the **** up! i dont like the cheating one either but 1)it happens a looot sadly 2) we certainly don't need several people saying the same exact thing!

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LaceyP..are you serious? haha who cares if the gf isn't a wife!? they could have been dating for a long time and then his orders came for him to be deployed. If the gf knew she couldn't handle it then she could've told him that. And why are you saying that soldiers in war don't understand what their significant others go through? they go through the same but...with more worries and shit. My soldier and i had a relationship before he was deployed, i knew his deployment was coming up but i care a lot about him and WANTED to still be with him so I stayed faithful and the only hard part for me was how sad and lonely i got because he wasn't home. It is a little hard emotionally but not severe at all. i have friends, i have family, i go out and have fun and i'm not getting shot at most importantly. Also, I have self control and when it came to sexual urges i did NOT out and screw someone else! The hardest part for him? Missing me, wearing his uniform/doing missions in over 115F weather, getting shot at, shooting, worrying about his life, worrying about coming home, explosives, seeing cars and whatnot explode in front of him. Seriously woman (or man)! Oh and i heard from several soldiers that family and significant others have helped them keep their chin up through hard times.

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ok seriously guys?? getting 'repetitive'?? lets see you go off to war and then come back to find out that your girlfriend cheated on you, lets see if you think its still so 'repetitive'!!

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she should be on

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why do you keep saying he joined the Army?just because someone says they are in the military doesn't mean the Army... also his name says USMC... that would be MARINES

lol I was the same I was wondering WTF? I was like so if her grandmother was his cousin then his gf wud be.....-_- FML for being retarded too

@ #28 dont worry , i had to think about it too lol

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... So what you're all saying is people can't confide to us about their lives sucking, because it's not funny?

Hey know what else is repetitive? people posting about how repetitive these FMLs are!! Well guess who votes them in?! That's right, your fellow FML users!! Maybe if people cheated less it wouldn't be so repetitive. I'm sure you would post an FML about it if it happened to you, then we'll see how repetitive it is when you're in the same boat as this guy and everyone else who gets cheated on! This comment is ironically repetitive.

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Jodie's got your girl ;) haha

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haha hopefully the cousin was a guy and not a girl...other wise it WOULD be "just ew" hehehe

I can one-up that on the "Eeeewww" scale! Suppose the girlfriend's sick grandmother and the OP's cousin ARE indeed the same person. . . And she's doing her! Yuck!!!

theres nothing wrong with lesbians, retard.

Im seeing more and more of this shit, all these soldiers coming back and being cheated on by their chicks, sucks, thats why never have relationships when in the military thats what i would do

maybe he's just referring that his girlfriend is actually his distant cousin (twice removed)? ... but probably not.

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And that's why you'll never serve. The country is a little better off knowing that, and with the country being in the mess it's in, that says a lot.

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I hear a beating in the future

OR find the right girl that would be faithful to you and not cheat on you with your cousin. And then marry that girl.

Oh thats sad, after a stressful period in a useless war in Iraq, this is what you get. But still A ******* BIG YDI for killing kids and making Iraqis suffer for Bush's screw up. Its not your fault though, but you happen to play a part as well.

And who's to say that he personally killed Iraqis or made the people suffer? The war may be useless (or maybe not, depends on your view), but the OP never says that he shot people while he was on patrol in Iraq. Maybe he was just on a 7-month patrol and nothing ever happened to him. It happens to plenty of people - I've known people who were on a year-long deployment and only had one or two incidents. Just because someone was in Iraq doesn't mean that they've killed people or that they even want to be there. Some soldiers don't (Idk specifically about the OP). "If you don't stand behind our soldiers, feel free to stand in front of them." Don't know who said it, but I agree with it. Let's see you on the front lines. OP - I feel sorry for you, but it happens to a lot of couples. Seven months is a long time to go without seeing someone or even hearing from them except from the occasional letter. God bless you for serving our country, though.

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you ******* moron. Military personnel don't go around shooting kids for fun. They do it to protect themselves because some parents will actually strap bombs under their children's clothes, then send thenm out to greet the soldiers. Then BOOM, their kid AND the soldiers get blown up. A soldier can't help following Bush's orders. Not every soldier joined so that they can carry out some lame-o president's wishes. Some people actually joined so that they could feel like they are actually protecting the one's they love, and so they can feel like they finally did something for once. I know that's why my brother joined. He didn't feel like he was helping anyone at all by just sitting in an office writing up papers all day, so he joined the military to keep with our family tradition. So before you start ASSUMING that all soldiers just go around shooting kids and listening to Bush, which isn't even relevant here anymore because he's not our president, THINK ABOUT IT and TALK to some soldiers. You'll realize how much of an asshole you are. and op - sorry about that. same thing happened to my sister when she got back from afghanistan

Ahh another Fox News watching piece of shit. There is not case were parents gave suicide bombs to their children, plus from 2003 till 2007 the roadside bombs and suicide bombs were an act of self defense. To get rid of the the U.S force in their lands. If the exact same case was with the U.S, don't you think that the American would do the defend the country as well to foreign invaders? Yes suicides are bad, I agree though. And I know that the U.S soldiers don't shoot kids, but shit happens. And shit happened so many times that the innocent children, women etc killed are a lot. (search Wikipedia maybe) When the Americans are done stealing the oil from Iraq, Iran or Venezuela seems to be the next stop.

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who said i watch fox news? I get my information from the soldiers themselves, since wikipedia is the most unreliable internet source in the world. And if "shit happens", as you say, and that is the reason why they shoot children, then why would you have said "A ******* BIG YDI for killing kids and making Iraqis suffer for Bush's screw up". The children of parents who do not want the soldiers there WILL send their children out as a form of weapons. My brother has had to go through a lot of shit for trying to make a decision on whether or not to shoot a 6 year old pointing a gun at him. No, i don't think it's right for us to be in a war with Iraq, i think it's actually ridiculous, but don't get your information from Wikipedia (just incase you've never noticed, ANYONE can change the information on those pages) and then come here and bash the military for doing their job. That's like saying a man who works as a cashier at a supermarket is a piece of shit because the man at the deli ran out of roast beef.

bullshit. i am in iraq, and i will tell you right now that children; sadly mostly mentally challenged children, are equipped with suicide vests and sent out into markets and bazaars. and they are NOT always directed at coalition forces. you could probably say 60%/40% that they are targeting rival insurgencies, or religious sects. if you've never been to iraq or afghanistan, don't talk about it so goddamned self-righteously. i've lost several friends here who never even fired their weapons, except at a range. we are not all murdering bastards and pillagers, most of us just do what good we can, and try to get money for college.

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hmm lessthanbee, it's hard to tell if you're agreeing with me and telling greymatter off, or vice versa...

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hahaha i'm sorry greymatter but really, wikipedia? Why are you quoting such an unreliable source, where anyone can edit the information and put whatever they want in the article...? so i guess we can just pass off what you said here as nonsense, i mean talking to REAL PEOPLE WHO WERE THERE, oh no, that's not a reliable source. but WIKIPEDIA IS! hahaha you're hilarious. just shut the **** up and stop listening to every word you hear from random people who walk by. i'm not going to go into my whole argument on this, you can refer to the previous posting similar to this i'm #162, that should clear things up for you. OP: so sorry to hear that, i've heard tons of stories like this...and it's sad. find yourself someone better, you deserve better.

I would never check information out through wikipedia lol.. What meant was that since the Iraqi invasion a lot of innocent people have died. Be it Wikipedia as a source or WHATEVER you would prefer to confirm with. You would still get a huge number. As many innocent people have died because "shit happens" Iraq was a normal developing country with some issues under a ruthless dictator, but due to the invasion look what you made Iraq, a ******* war zone. Where little children ******* blowup. ( Assuming I believed that they do) Thus shame on you. Mission accomplished STEALING oil. And If Iraq is so dangerous where people blow up for whatever reason, why the hell is the military is still there then. I say it again, if U.S was under foreign occupiers it would have also taken extreme measures in defending its land.

Just watch the HBO documentary: Ghosts of Abu Gharib (2007) WILL YOU? I believe it would wake you up a bit, I guarantee it. Maybe. It just speaks for itself.

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#110: 1) they're not defending their land (most are from foreign countries brought in to fight in the name of islam and just so happens that it takes place in Iraq) 2) we have not taken a single drop of oil from Iraq since the invasion so STFU!

im sure you two have good reasons.. but who te hell has time to read all the bs

U r dumb they don't kill innocent children u need to grow some common sense

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sooo is this an fml because her grandma is in fact your cousin or because she lied to you and just cheated on you???

I'm assuming he's been cheated old would his cousin have to be?! D:

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People, she told him she had to spend time with her grandmother, but it was actually his cousin. She was cheating on him with his cousin! FYL, OP. This truly sucks.

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I'm not so sure. I think the op means theyare related

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lol. any time i read about these reminds me of the guy coming home from 12 or more month deployment to see his 9 month pregnant wife. sry op. but i hope you found another woman who is way more faithful by now. seriously though how could these guys not think she cheating. otherwise it wouldnt be on fml.