By artiemilano - United States
Today, I let my mother use my computer for school work. Later that day my mom asks me what's wrong with the computer. I look at it, only seeing a "Welcome to Windows XP" screen. She said that she saw a blue screen and pressed L and C when it asked her to. My mom managed to clear my hard drive. FML
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  toink  |  0

OP left his computer with the Windows installation inside, his mother booted from the disk and followed the installation procedure, formating the HD.

  blankaex  |  0

Windows installation has cool music. You can find the mp3 of it easily.

1. Open Run (Start, Run or Windows Key + R)
2. Type in "oobe" (without the quotes) and hit enter
3. Go in the images folder
4. Look for the file there (can't remember the name)