By Demetria - 20/08/2012 22:02 - United States - White Plains

Today, I had to go down to the county police department to bail out my kids who thought it would be a good idea to try mugging an ice cream truck driver. FML
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Dblocker 18

I guess the kids never thought that trucks can go faster than them huh?


Old enough to be mugging people apparently...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I personally think it would be pretty funny if they were young, like 5-10. xD (but I realize they wouldn't go to jail if they were that young)

LO388 7

38 - You never know, there have been stories of elementary schoolers being taken out of school by police and arrested for throwing tantrums

AllThingsBright_ 11

Arrested for throwing tantrums? I guess I would have been a repeat offender at the age of six...

Stupid Skrillex... ruining this generation.

LO388 7

If you down-voters don't believe me, Google "child arrested for school tantrum" and you'll get 3 different instances on the first page alone. One had a 6 year old, 40 lb girl put in the back of a cruiser in flexcuffs and anklecuffs

axelrave 3

"freeze! Put your hands up! Wth wtf you shoving those bills in my face for? Gimme my damn Ice creams! Geez, do I look that old to you?"

I'm imagining a child being arrested. No need to taze them, but tickle them instead.

HoboSmeller 6

Have you seen the price of ice cream cones these days? It's practically robbery.

choochee77 0

#33 your picture goes with what you said so hilariously

You mean helping this generation. In "Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters" there's a woman who sounds like she's having an orgy but she's inspiring kids to break their cup-stacking records!

Dblocker 18

I guess the kids never thought that trucks can go faster than them huh?

Why would they considering robbing the truck driver anyway? It's not like those guys are buried in money.

RayRod 6

There's actually a music video about 3 boys doing that. I mean of course it's not the same exact scenario, but it is possible

Ice cream truck drivers carry a decent amount of singles from selling ice cream all day I'm sure. After mugging the driver they could easily take the cash home and make it rain.

ObsessedWithGays 7

I think those kids have been listening to too much Skrillex.

That's what I'm sayin, do like in The Rainman, leave him there for a couple of days.

jgriff79 23

My parents tried to get the police to keep my brother over night. He was picked up for underage drinking with a couple of friends. The cops said my parents had 30 mins. To get there or they were going to arrest them for child neglect.

My brother was picked up one night and brought home in a cruiser. The cops gave my mother the option of having him thrown in the drunk tank for a night or two to teach him a lesson. Mind you, at this point he had been arrested multiple times, mostly on possession charges, so the situation wasn't exactly the same.

I would tell the cops I was too drunk to drive.

They had to learn that behavior somewhere

Reminds me of the Bangarang film clip by Skrillex.

hellachillin 8

What I'm wondering is did they mug it for money or ice cream? Hopefully both...

AllThingsBright_ 11

As a matter of fact, they did learn their behavior from OP's husband. He's already been arrested three times for various inappropriate run ins with ice cream truck drivers, ranging from simple muggings to stealing the ice cream bars. It's a damn shame. Monkey see monkey do.

27 - I have heard the song before, but I just looked up the video. I felt bad for the driver... It was awesome though.

puppytaco64 8

Why wouldn't they. I would assume that all ice cream truck drivers are loaded and carry tons of money on them at all times

winnerme123 8

I bet they tried mugging him for free ice cream.

It's in a skrillex video, kids these days

You should be ashamed of yourself for bailing them out.

Turtle_rebellion 10

He has to bail them out eventually, but a few nights in jail might be just what they need.

It's leela! The one eyes mutant. Futureama really is a good show. I'm glad they brought it back.

failgamer 7

I would beat the shit outta my kids, just under enough to be considered child abuse

I dont think you can "beat the shit" out of a kid without it being considered child abuse.

You can spank them since spanking isnt considered child abuse

winnerme123 8

I thumbed you down for 2 reasons... 1- spanking in some cases is child abuse 2- your name is DontThumbMeDown

You would beat the shit out of your kids? I really hope you DON'T have kids. And if you do. I feel sorry for them.

We all love ice cream, but that's taking it a little too far…

akg98 13


Guess they wanted that ice cream. But OP this kinda of smells like bad parenting

hwkfan1 10

Quick! Grab the latest Grand Theft Auto and go mug an ice cream truck driver. Family bonding!

In GTA IV you can drive ice cream trucks. And you can steal them from the streets! Haha. They can also play the theme song and the faster you drive the faster it plays. It's pretty cool.