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  LO388  |  7

If you down-voters don't believe me, Google "child arrested for school tantrum" and you'll get 3 different instances on the first page alone. One had a 6 year old, 40 lb girl put in the back of a cruiser in flexcuffs and anklecuffs


You mean helping this generation. In "Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters" there's a woman who sounds like she's having an orgy but she's inspiring kids to break their cup-stacking records!


Ice cream truck drivers carry a decent amount of singles from selling ice cream all day I'm sure. After mugging the driver they could easily take the cash home and make it rain.

  jgriff79  |  23

My parents tried to get the police to keep my brother over night. He was picked up for underage drinking with a couple of friends. The cops said my parents had 30 mins. To get there or they were going to arrest them for child neglect.

  Grimmerie  |  31

My brother was picked up one night and brought home in a cruiser. The cops gave my mother the option of having him thrown in the drunk tank for a night or two to teach him a lesson.

Mind you, at this point he had been arrested multiple times, mostly on possession charges, so the situation wasn't exactly the same.


As a matter of fact, they did learn their behavior from OP's husband. He's already been arrested three times for various inappropriate run ins with ice cream truck drivers, ranging from simple muggings to stealing the ice cream bars. It's a damn shame. Monkey see monkey do.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

In GTA IV you can drive ice cream trucks. And you can steal them from the streets! Haha. They can also play the theme song and the faster you drive the faster it plays. It's pretty cool.