By Anonymous - New Zealand - Palmerston North
Today, I spent some of my pay on a birthday gift for my wife. She found out about the money going missing from our account, and now she thinks I'm having an affair. I work 24/7 and barely have time to see my friends, let alone have an affair. FML
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  cobaltss06  |  1

Then don't give her the gift if she dnt trust u and always jumps to conclusions like that. Or prove to her where the money went (show her the gift) and then take it back and spend the money on something you want

  Migole  |  36

Agreed. I would've been like "well, maybe I bought something nice for you and not some affair because you birthday is in a couple weeks you paranoid bitch?". I know many people cheat but I guess they'd be a tad more clever than to use money from a bank account they share with their partner...