By Anonymous - 05/05/2012 02:27 - New Zealand - Palmerston North

Today, I spent some of my pay on a birthday gift for my wife. She found out about the money going missing from our account, and now she thinks I'm having an affair. I work 24/7 and barely have time to see my friends, let alone have an affair. FML
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Your wife must not trust you :/ Sorry OP

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You work 24/7? When do you poop?


Your wife must not trust you :/ Sorry OP

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Wow really? We had no way of knowing that until you pointed it out.

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79 - Lol, your comment reminded me of the movie Grown Up's where the little girl misinterpreted what her dad said and was like "I wanna get chocolate wasted!" :D

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Ditch the Bitch, dude. you'll be far happier

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Then don't give her the gift if she dnt trust u and always jumps to conclusions like that. Or prove to her where the money went (show her the gift) and then take it back and spend the money on something you want

Then just show her the present earllyy, big deal:3 that'll keep her quiet

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And then she'll feel like shit and turn it into an FML! xD

Why can't OP just tell her, "I bought you a birthday gift." He doesn't have to give her the gift.

Throw a band-aid on that gunshot wound. That should take care of the REAL problem.

Agreed. I would've been like "well, maybe I bought something nice for you and not some affair because you birthday is in a couple weeks you paranoid bitch?". I know many people cheat but I guess they'd be a tad more clever than to use money from a bank account they share with their partner...

4- wouldn't that ruin the surprise? OP is in a lose-lose situation.

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give her the present early and maybe she will forgive you

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Except there's nothing to forgive him for.

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Give her the present early and then she'll realize the error in her reaction.

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Nahh this is a very good situation in which the OP has a great life.

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Seriously if you have nothing better to say than 'sucks' or 'first' just shut up

just assure her that its not the case! its all you can do at the moment.

Do you really think a woman would believe that...? I mean... C'mon... Seriously?

It's ironically sad that your saying this to a women's comment...

Maybe you should give her the present and explain

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You work 24/7? When do you poop?

that's what smartphones are you can work while you poop

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9- I imagined the kitten in your picture asking that question, entertained myself for a second. :)

ASStronaut get it? Because poop? Ok I'll leave now

Suspicious and too dumb to know her birthday is coming up? That is always a good combination.

Almost as good a combination as orange juice concentrate and gasoline... OP's wife is the napalm of relationships.