By utensils123 - 09/02/2010 06:40 - Australia

Today, I discovered my brother likes to use our kitchen utensils to scratch his private areas. FML
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blaaaaakely 0

crabs for dinner

Use his toothbrush as a dildo.


blaaaaakely 0

crabs for dinner

that is so nasty.

lol that's funny

In desperation I've used a large spoon to scratch my back before. I of course washed it after.

Rickymonkeypants 0

mmm Bitch =D

u don't expect to get lobster do u?

shellybean 0

that's disgustinG

michael32123 0

ROFL #1 win

WilliamBueller 0

Funny, and disturbing.

Hmmm, if I were to whisk up semen would it make some sort of ice cream contraption?...

that's gross!!

Use his toothbrush as a dildo.

Enoch134 0

ebil that's just ebil

Ajjas013 6

No, cook with his fingers see how he likes it.

so forks his ass and spoons his balls... I hope he dosnt use a knife for anything

xeldawyn 14


When he's asleep sneak up on him, grab a guitar and amp and start playing some good old pearl jam. That will teach him to mess with your utensils

eewwwww yuuckyy.

I agree, soo yucky. Pearl Jam. Ewww.

ewww that's gross

So that's what a Whisk is for!!

Is he the husband that likes to cut his nails with the kitchen scissors?

Pffft. Real use their teeth to scratch their private areas.

FatMooseEars 0

haha. win for him, epic lose for you. FYL. [email protected]#1.