By utensils123 - 09/02/2010 06:40 - Australia

Today, I discovered my brother likes to use our kitchen utensils to scratch his private areas. FML
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crabs for dinner

Use his toothbrush as a dildo.


crabs for dinner

that is so nasty.

lol that's funny

In desperation I've used a large spoon to scratch my back before. I of course washed it after.

u don't expect to get lobster do u?

that's disgustinG

ROFL #1 win

Funny, and disturbing.

Hmmm, if I were to whisk up semen would it make some sort of ice cream contraption?...

that's gross!!

Use his toothbrush as a dildo.

ebil that's just ebil

Ajjas013 6

No, cook with his fingers see how he likes it.

so forks his ass and spoons his balls... I hope he dosnt use a knife for anything

When he's asleep sneak up on him, grab a guitar and amp and start playing some good old pearl jam. That will teach him to mess with your utensils

eewwwww yuuckyy.

I agree, soo yucky. Pearl Jam. Ewww.

ewww that's gross

So that's what a Whisk is for!!

Is he the husband that likes to cut his nails with the kitchen scissors?

Pffft. Real use their teeth to scratch their private areas.

haha. win for him, epic lose for you. FYL. [email protected]#1.