By David Wicker - 9/9/2020 08:02

Laughs in socialized healthcare

Today, I sleep on the floor every night because my cat has punctured three air mattresses. I was going to get a real bed with my stimulus check, but I broke my leg and had to pay for the doctor's bill. FML
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By  Jaymail  |  17

I had to mark “You Deserved It”. Are you f*ckin’ kidding me? Your sleeping on the floor because you had to pay a Doctors bill? And what did the Doctor need your money for? So that his million dollar car would be this years current model instead of last? So that he could have his private swimming pool expanded and cleaned? So he can take another luxury cruise? Unbefcknlvable!

  Jaymail  |  17

Screw the Doctor. He had higher needs. Let the Doctor fix his leg. And then thank the Doctor and never give it another thought. End of story. Take care of yourself first!

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

I feel your pain. I was sleeping on an air bed when I moved back in April. It kept deflating and I'd wake up in the middle of the night with it half flat, so I slept on the floor from May until a little while ago (End of August). I bought a mattress. I'm so happy to have it. No bed frame, the mattress is on the floor, but I'm just happy I at least have one.

Air beds suck sometimes anyway. When they half deflate, you wake up with terrible pains. That's why I chose the floor over it.

I'd suggest using pillows and blankets to make the floor a little less hard. I roll a lot in my sleep, but I was still able to stay on at least the blankets if not the pillows. Good luck!!! Hopefully you find one you can afford or you find a friend to donate one to you.

By  chandinz  |  11

How are you sleeping on the floor with a broken leg?!