By Anonymous - United States - San Bruno
Today, I hung out with some old friends for the first time since losing about 50 pounds, going from clinically obese to a healthy weight. I even bought a cute new dress for the occasion to show off my new body. No one noticed the change. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

I don't think "the loss" is the right term, it sounds like somebody died :P

although it's possible that OP made a pact with the devil to lose weight

  Roxas_hearts  |  27

No, don't make OP's friends sound like douchebags with that "if they were good friends" bs. Her friends are still her friends, it's not like they made fun of her.

  Danne696  |  14

I actually thought the opposite, not commenting on OPs appearance would, to me, mean that they don't care about how she looks and only care about being with her for her personality.

By  tomvertigo  |  17

I'm sorry to hear that, OP. Especially since you were probably quite excited about it yourself. Just remember that you did it for you in the end. I'm sure you look and feel fabulous. Congrats!

By  hfmayo  |  12

Maybe they did notice, but just didn't say anything. Losing 50 pounds is a pretty significant change. Whatever it may be, congratulations on the weight loss, OP!

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

Well obviously she did, and didn't do it for 'herself'. She wanted someone to notice and give her a sense of accomplishment. There's nothing wrong with that and to say she 'did it for herself' so she shouldn't care if she looks the same is stupid

  Briarpatch  |  21

I agree with this. Just because they didn't say anything, that doesn't mean that they didn't notice. It could be that they worry that you might not have lost the weight deliberately. It's more than just awkward to say "Hey, you look great! Did you lose weight?" and get the response, "Thanks. I have cancer." I lost over 50 pounds a few years back, and some people did actually approach me to say, "You're not sick, are you?"