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  Mads_1234  |  28

#82, are you stupid? At the bottom of the post it DID say goats.

  spoo  |  24

Gotta love it. I wish they had a Darwin award site for pets. My Dad had a dog that was leashed to a tractor. It ran around it till the 50 foot leash was up, jumped over it and hung himself.

  stonergirl411  |  0

just bc they were tryin to get their dog microchipped doesnt mean the dog always runs away you fuck tard. i get mine microchipped in case bastards like you steal them

  brianjman14  |  22

Wow, it wasn't necessary to be an asshole about it. It was just an idea. Plus, I would never steal someone's dog. I love dogs and I know the owner would be heartbroken if their dog was stolen just as I would if one of my dogs was be stolen.

  deathshead  |  19

before I was born, and im sure before microchipping my mother owned two show dogs, both pure bred rottweilers and one day some one decided to steal them, why anyone would steal a dog is beyond me but the only thing my family had left of them was the one puppy they kept, the dog I then grew up with, despite people thinking my mother was crazy for having a large rottweiler around a baby.
What im getting at here is people shouldnt have to worry about losing or having their dogs stolen and rottweilers are great no matter what you say, its not the bred its the owner that makes them mean.


What a failed thread. The VET will scan for the chip, moron. If the dog is reported missing and a pic or description is sent to vets in surrounding areas, they’ll scan the dog that meets the description “nobody will scan” bs