By heightdifference - United States - Memphis
Today, I met the guy I've been talking to online for two years in real life. He tried to convince me to have his children because they would be average height. He's a midget and I'm 6'2". This is the most romantic thing anybody has ever said to me. FML
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  Catkam623  |  27

Are your parents bakers cause you got some nice buns. No? Are you wearing space pants cause your ass is out of this world. Still no? Hey baby how bout you come over here and sit on my lap and we can talk about what "pops up". Nothing? Fine I'm done!

  KillSwitch96  |  18

From the context of this FML post, I would say he WAS fake because he was just then trying to convince her to do that when they met in person for the first time.