By lbailey32 / Tuesday 4 February 2014 01:30 / United States - Seneca Falls
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  caohm  |  18

well it looks like he really put you in a hot spot lol amiright guys??.........guys?

By  ashingtondc  |  3

Did he steal your frappuccino?

  joea21  |  21

What couldn't you steal from Starbucks? That place is a euphoria of stuff to steal for hipsters

  Godsofdracos  |  15

If that was a hidden pun... Well played.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

and older than Betty white

By  VampOfSavannah  |  31

Be careful, shoplifting often leads to much serious crimes... Maybe even murder.

  VampOfSavannah  |  31

You need to learn sarcasm.


This sounds like one of those anti - pirating adverts. "You wouldn't steal a car, so why steal a movie " , " Stealing a baby is a criminal offence and so is stealing a movie and watching it for free "

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