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Today, after nearly three weeks of hard work, I finally completed my best drawing yet, a self-portrait. I was incredibly excited to take it to class tomorrow. That is, until I came home from a walk later on, only to find my brother had drawn a stick figure on it, wanking into my face. FML
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say it's symbolism for something

Really? I'd say the brother gave it a D

Because using violence is totally justified in this situation. /sarcasm

12, grow a pair, so we can put a boot in that too.

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# 29, you just made my day XD

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Neither is drawing a masterbating stick figure someone's treasured art peice...

If the sister had done it to the brother, would you be recommending a bitch slap, or is it only ok to hit guys?

61 - Yes, that would most definitely call for a bitch slap. GTFO with your social justice warrioring.

12, have you ever had a sibling destroy your artwork? nonviolence is not justified in this situation

First, I realize I came off as a dick in 12, so I apologize for that. Second, I misread the FML. I didn't realize that the brother had drawn the stick figure masturbating onto her face. I thought that he had just draw a stick figure. I'll explain my original position in relation to that misconception. I thought that kicking the brother in the balls was extreme, as opposed to punching him or bitch-slapping him or something. In light of this new information, I now agree that a kick in the balls would be more justified. 69 - It's a definite possibility that that may have happened, but I can't recall any specific instances at the moment. So, sorry for the trouble and all that.

#61 and #62 actually no, it is in fact illegal to hit women but legal under certain conditions to hit a man, this is because more women get abused than men

Stick figure-- sticky?? Guess the pun is just too overused to appreciate it now. Sorry :(

Explaining the joke doesn't make it funny.

#3, I was thinking semen/sticky, I didn't even catch that, you clever woman.

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You should draw on his face while he is sleeping for pay back

During his sleep draw a dick on his face into his mouth, that will teach him!

Then turn off his alarm so he oversleeps and rushes out in the morning without washing.

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#24 oh you sneaky little devil.

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Omg. That has happened to one of my drawings before. The only difference was my little brother had drawn a big X with green marker on 3 of my drawings. So sorry for you OP!

I still remember back in primary school, we had to switch classrooms for a lesson and whoever sat at my desk while I was away decided to go through my tray and test my multicolour pen on one if my best drawings that I'd put hours of effort into. I was mortified and the worst bit is, there's no way to make up for it - even if the other guy gets punished, it doesn't bring back your art. It just really hurts. Hell, it may seem stupid but that was about 10 years ago and it still kind of hurts. So I'm really sorry OP. I know how bad it feels...I hope your brother at least realises what he's done and feels sorry.

Its not stupid, you cared for that piece- you took your time to draw it. That persom was clearly and idiot who didn't care for others feelings.

I'm very sorry to hear that... And seriously? Drawing stick figures with dicks? That's what Microsoft Paint is for.