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  desireev  |  17

If she's open enough to "love" giving them, she's open enough to take some constructive criticism. Work with her and tell her what you like. You'll be workin' with a pro in no time! :)

66- No need to come on here and be snotty. One of the "Rules" here is no holding back and to speak your mind. So "Ew" with your snotty attitude.

  decidedlyvague  |  11

66- fun fact: most men, if not all, love blow jobs. Next time you engage in sexual activity with a partner ask him if he would like a blow job, then tell him you'll never give him one. See what happens :P

  fml121785  |  14

Yea, that really BLOWS. Maybe with enough practice she'll get a GRASP on the concept of what you LICK and get aHEAD of the game and you will beCOME happier! ;)

  hunterluv1  |  20

20- I know, I've found that with FML, it's all about the timing. haha, commenters on one post will think one comment is hilarious, and then on the next post, someone with the same comment will be voted down and called unoriginal and stupid. Good luck for the future.

  cameron194  |  9

Overtime, sounds like OPs gf need a little of that herself in the "cock sucking department" lol.. P.s the only way a blow job could hurt is if she uses teeth.. Oh god that thought sent a shiver up my shaft :$

  monkeyy22  |  6

When girls say that a guy is bad in bed, men always answer that she needs to tell him since he can't read minds! Same goes for women, OP! Communication is key :)