Double-edged sword

By Janitoro - 23/11/2012 01:19 - United States

Today, I was blessed with a girlfriend who loves giving blowjobs. And cursed with a girlfriend who is also somehow really bad at them. FML
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LiyIa_fml 8

On the bright side, at least she isn't giving them to someone else.


Lame. Your comment blows more than OP's girlfriend. And is probably just as bad.

LiyIa_fml 8
Lindahhxd 7

Maybe the reason she likes them is because she's not doing it right!

2 - It will. I'm living proof of that. ;)

52 - says the guy with free2speak as his username ;)

AllyyK 9

Wow I bet you're so proud, ew.

desireev 17

If she's open enough to "love" giving them, she's open enough to take some constructive criticism. Work with her and tell her what you like. You'll be workin' with a pro in no time! :) 66- No need to come on here and be snotty. One of the "Rules" here is no holding back and to speak your mind. So "Ew" with your snotty attitude.

43...can't be that good at them! If the baby in the pictures is forgot swallowing the ending!!

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And this is why **** exists. To satisfy AND educate you!

decidedlyvague 11

66- fun fact: most men, if not all, love blow jobs. Next time you engage in sexual activity with a partner ask him if he would like a ********, then tell him you'll never give him one. See what happens :P

120. **** = definitely NOT an educational tool. Unless the OP has a slurp fetish.

Some of the comments. Yeah, they just turned me on. Lol :)

Unless it actually feels bad, it's not that much of a curse. Also she'll likely improve over time

The more she practices the better shell get! And if she loves giving them, lots of opportunity to practice.

Dude, unless she's gnawing on your corn cob, it doesn't suck.

On the bright side, at least she isn't giving them to someone else.

I really thought that's where the FML was headed.

Exactly and she likes doing them too, so OP is ahead of the curve.

I thought it was going to finish with "but she likes getting them too"

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im_bored_tired 12

I recently made the same comment on another *******-related FML, and it got voted down. :P

Yea, that really BLOWS. Maybe with enough practice she'll get a GRASP on the concept of what you LICK and get aHEAD of the game and you will beCOME happier! ;)

hunterluv1 20

20- I know, I've found that with FML, it's all about the timing. haha, commenters on one post will think one comment is hilarious, and then on the next post, someone with the same comment will be voted down and called unoriginal and stupid. Good luck for the future.

20 - it could be because he implied hesitation. If it was just That sucks, he'd probably be down voted.

desireev 17

Yeah, you have to get the punny comments right up in the first 5 comments. Or else, you will meet your doom.

gmc_blossom 21

24- Your comment was bad and you should feel bad.

I do! It was my first attempt at a puns, never again! :(

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

20- I honestly thought I was going to.

Overtime, sounds like OPs gf need a little of that herself in the "**** sucking department" lol.. P.s the only way a ******** could hurt is if she uses teeth.. Oh god that thought sent a shiver up my shaft :$

hunterluv1 20

Why don't you try telling her how she can improve? Don't keep letting her give bad blow jobs, especially if she thinks you're liking the way she does them, haha.

The only way one can learn is by being taught! Tips help. Hopefully she doesn't get offended though. (:

When girls say that a guy is bad in bed, men always answer that she needs to tell him since he can't read minds! Same goes for women, OP! Communication is key :)

kleider1 9

Just be glad your getting some. And look at the bright side, practice makes perfect ;)

Tell her the truth so you can help her perfect her technique... And then you'll have the perfect package XD

VtechHokie18 6

The perfect package for his package?? Lol

Your username is poetrywriter12 and you used the "XD" smiley. *gags on all the cliche*

I don't see what's bad about the xD smiley. It's just an emoticon.

I don't get it... Just like the emoticon. Maybe you're thinking too deeply into things?

Also, are there bad ********? Unless she's hurting you, I can't imagine it.

That's why 11 said "unless it hurts you". I can't imagine teeth on a penis feels very good...

Some guys like a little teeth but only if your super careful.

If you don't like teeth on your dick don't put it in a mouth.. Where the teeth are.