By -__-" - 29/09/2013 05:45 - United States - Vancouver

Today, a stranger pulled me out of the path of a speeding taxicab. He then took one look at my face, said, "I should've left you there", and walked away. FML
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Wow what on earth would make somebody say something like that? That's horrible. At least he saved you though! Glad you're ok OP :)

Ouch. Well, would've hurt more if he had left you.


Wow what on earth would make somebody say something like that? That's horrible. At least he saved you though! Glad you're ok OP :)

smiley1014 23

Am I the only one that pictures the person who saved her waiting for a thank you? And then thinking that the OP was just an idiot and that's why they said they should have just left them? Not that the OP was ugly?

Either this guy has a problem with "ugly" people, or he places far too much value on thank yous. After all wouldn't you take a while to process what just happened before thinking to thank someone?

jw90 18

Apparently saving ones life then insulting them is the new fad these days.

Well if somebody saves your life the least you can do is give them a thank you.

threer 30

#50, are you inferring that OP is female because 'she' needed saving?

#60, better than most fads if you ask me...

Oh god. FemiNazi alert.

hahaha at least he saved ur life

Octwo 16

Do you have a phobia of the letters Y and O?

no I don't for YOUR information can't you read text speak

Neyuu 18

Nah, he's just allergic to punctuation.

wow. you guys are just sad. its called text speak and if you can't handle it go under a rock beacause you don't anything about the world

Ouch. Well, would've hurt more if he had left you.

Whale then. I would have pushed him infront of a cab.

But he DID save her. I give him at least a little bit of thanks.

badmandilon 19

#21, I'm guessing that's probably the reason why he said such a thing, she probably didn't ever say thanks. That's an assumption though.

How do you know if OP was a girl? OP could have been a guy that was saved by that person. It doesn't show if OP was female or male on this FML (unless its not showing through the mobile app for some reason).

Just be grateful he pulled you out of the way. It could have been a very different FML post.

Today, I got hit by a cab and died. At least hell has wifi. FML

Today, I got hit by a taxi and now I am chilling in hospital on bright side hospital have free wifi and food. FML.

MichellinMan 20

I'm sure she was, but it's not really fair to say that considering what he had said.

Allornone 35

19, that made me laugh. I wish i could thumb you up twice

Llama_Face89 33

23- the food isn't free. Part of your bill when you're discharged. Used to work in a hospital kitchen.

#46, not everyone lives in the USA. It's free in Britain :)

Llama_Face89 33

64- well it HAS been a while since I switched countries.....

I would've replied "you should have taken my place"

Never wish harm on anyone. Karma will always comeback and plus he fucking saved your life. Great logic women

RedDragonx32 8

typical for the black women to use fighting words?

threer 30

Is it necessary to put 'women' in there? It was one girl and her gender has no influence on her logic, you dick.

Neither does 16's genitalia.

Damn stranger. Coulda got a lot of money from that lawsuit. FYL.

I hate people like you. Always sue happy. You poked me. OMG, I'm going to sue. No money on earth can replace good health, just remember that.

All these people that think suing is everything. This is exactly why car insurance is so damn high.

Just remember this: the grim reaper doesn't take bribes.

MichellinMan 20

Hey #12 stop being a dick. Your gonna be hypocritical than get the fuck out of here.

Little4Bear 10

Hey #96, shut up! He wasn't being hypocritical he was being sarcastic.

Well I'm glad he didn't leave you there! :)

MrClean17 15

Being insulted is better than being dead

ladypunk 8