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Today, I finally got a Wii Fit to try and lose some weight. I came home and set it all up, only to be told that I weigh too much to actually use it. FML
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I'm the OP, decided to make an account... Reason I put on so much weight is cause I had a car run up my leg by a 16 year old bitch who was too busy chatting on her phone to even notice she hit me. So after my broken foot, ankle, and leg "healed", I got to go through the process of starting rehab on all the torn stuff in my ankle. 18 months later, I can walk again with only a slight limp. Yay! Believe me, I'd love to be able to go out for a walk or hit the gym but some days (rainy days especally) going from bed to the bathroom is a chore and any kind of incline or decline hurts still. And I didn't know I was over 330 when I got to the store (got a scale too, 334... what a bitch, huh?) so that was a huge shock. Obviously I know I was overweight, but not this bad. Thanks to like the 10 people with kind words... the rest of you enjoy your summer, high school starts back up in about 8 weeks.

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LuckyCharms_fml 0

Wii Fit is not something made to help you lose weight, it's made to help you STAY in shape or tone up. If you weigh too much to use it you need a personal trainer not a video game. I'll take it if you aren't using it though. It's been raining here for weeks I could use an indoor tone up :D

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oh damn! how ironic.


lissygirl 0

oh damn! how ironic.

It says the max weight on the box. YDI, moron.

UrStoopid 0

Why would they want MICROSOFT points if they have a Wii?

AngryC4t 0

They don't, that guy is probably spamming a phishing site so he can take your XBL account. There is no such thing as free MS points, don't go to his link and never input your e-mail and password into any site other than official Microsoft sites.

americayay 0

it DOES say the weight limit on the box and if you weigh that much, it should be common since to check anything with a weight limit. however, wiifit does have a running activity that doesn't use the board.

I know right? It clearly says "You must be under 300 lbs to use this board" or something on the box. Also, YDI for buying an overpriced $90 game when you could've just started an exercise plan. Seriously.

just wait for Wii Fit 2: The Purge. xD

andy_l 14

It costs less to just eat healthy and take a jog every so often. Try opting for that next time?

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It costs less to just eat healthy and take a jog every so often. Try opting for that next time?

The Wii Fit has exercises on it. You don't just stand on the board. >_> They're not super rigorous. But push-ups, lunges, and the like can help you stay in shape. If you don't exercise much, it can definitely be a good start.

I thought Mario was disappointed about his penis size and was going to eat a super mushroom.

Why not Mario? It's a Wii peripheral we're talking about here.

This question doesn't make any sense.

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lol sucks for you

LuckyCharms_fml 0

Wii Fit is not something made to help you lose weight, it's made to help you STAY in shape or tone up. If you weigh too much to use it you need a personal trainer not a video game. I'll take it if you aren't using it though. It's been raining here for weeks I could use an indoor tone up :D

kateisbored 0

It can be used to lose weight. That's its huge selling point. A video game can help you lose weight the same way a training video or a book, or pills, or diet or anything else.

eh i disagree. i started using wii fit every day shortly after my daughter was born (6 months ago) and have dropped all that baby weight and then some. i'm no longer in the "overweight" BMI category. I don't have the time or ability to go to the gym and no space for a treadmill in my apartment. I want to try one of the other wii games you can use with the balance board, they seem more rigorous. OP--that sucks ass :( maybe diet and power-walk in the mean time? don't get discouraged!!

Well personally I tried eating a balanced diet and working out regularly. After that failed I tried a new diet idea I made up. The main point of it is: don't eat unless you're extremely hungry, then eat untill you're only slightly hungry. It works wonders.

#309 you are a ********. Anyone who is actually living healthy and not just on a diet for a quick fix will say that you eat when you are hungry and do not wait til your body is in starvation mode the key is not to eat til you are full. You never feel full. And you will be suprised how good you feel just not feeling hungry. You don't feel bloated or anything. Its more about what you eat as well. Your body will start storing fat whenever you put it into starvation mode (when your body is going i am extremely hungry feed me now) so once you stop your ridiculous diet it will all come piling back on.

when they tell you you're too fat the BMI is really for people who are in their 30s. A kid tried playing that who was only like 70lbs and it said she was fat too.

skullbuster 0

No, the board has a weight limit of somewhere around 320-330 lbs. They don't clearly advertise this fact but it will not allow you to use the board if you are over the limit - had a friend who found this out in a similar way.

It's clearly labeled on the box of the Wii Fit the weight limit...

curryndricegirll 0

yeah, well 70 lbs can be too much depending on the kid.

BMI is only accurate for kids. It is not intended to be used for children.

BMI is only intended for kids, and should not be used for children? What the...

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curryndricegirll 0

what a douchebag comment. you know, it's possible to be one without a computer.

How is that a douchebag comment? It's a proven way to lose weight. OP, if you reduce meal sizes (eat small meals more frequently) and exercise more (trick yourself into exercising- I walk five miles a day, but I don't think of it as exercise, I think of it as my time to listen to music, brainstorm, smoke, whatever) you'll be fine. If you get hungry, drink water (milk is my personal craving stomper) or chew gum. You can do it! I'm doing it! I've lost ten pounds in two weeks, and I've still got a ways to go.

YoungTechnique 0

Damn thats ironic! Don't use my Wii Fit!

deja54 0

um... Try actually going out and doing something. Fucking christ. You bought a video game to get in shape?

That was my thought. You buy a video game to lose weight. Right. Makes a ton of sense to me. erm. Here's the deal. People don't lose weight with Wii fit. Oh sure, there are probably a handful out there who use it religiously and have used it to its potential. But they did a study. The majority of people out there don't use the machine long enough or religiously enough, OR push themselves as hard as they phyiscally have to, for it to be fully affective. It was great marketing on Nintendos part though! People get these thoughts like "oh if i do wii fit like the commercial says i'll lose weight." doesn't work like that. Is exercise important? Immensely. They say people who run 4 times a week age slower than those who don't. Basically they show signs of aging later in life than someone who isn't active. I can't find the article but it was in a Time Magazine i saw at a friends home about a year ago. But you want to lose weight? it's 70-80% diet. That means only 20-30% is about working out. Ask any personal trainer. They'll tell you. Now working out will HELP for sure. muscle burns calories faster than fat does. But you can't go out and eat a sundae or cheesecake and then go for a jog and "reverse" what you ate. (Cheesecake is 6200 calories btw... thats 3 times the daily recommended intake. And those little mini candy bars? 100 calories EACH, minimum. Thats 1/3 of an entire meal, 15 of those and you've reached your daily calorie limit if you are trying to lose weight). You want a guaranteed way to drop the lbs? You need to burn 3500 calories a week. Do that by reducing intake and moving more. Simple. Now will power is a different story.

FreshAsCrap 0

Great Advice honestly are you like a health expert or something?

I can't tell if that was sarcastic or not but i'll answer it as if it weren't. No, I'm in marketing, but I battled weight (continue to do so, probably always will) and recently lost over 100 lbs. (ok back up 30... gah, like I said, it's a battle, but being down 70 is still great!). I lost the 100 lbs by doing exactly what I suggested. Eating better and moving more. I reduced what I ate, probably by 2/3 (smaller portions, eating more throughout the day. paying attention to correct portion size, what i was eating, etc) and by running 4 times a week and by doing Yoga for strength training. I actually attribute the better work outs to yoga since it incorporates both cardio and strengthening and encouraged me to eat better (healthier I ate the more productive my yoga sessions) and because I only ran a few miles a day so I was only burning 300-400 cals max.

The 80-70 percent is different for everyone. All i eat is meat and junk food but I work out everyday and have the exact weight and height for my age.

Except we are discussing people with weight issues. Talk to a trainer, they'll say the same exact thing. Eat less, work out more. If you can eat junk food and meat all day long and work it off then good for you. But chances are thats more genetic that some super ability. Im not saying this to be mean. Its science. The majority out there struggle with weight because they eat poorly and don't lead active enough lifestyles.

wall of text hits you for 7347157257 damage you die

Cheesecake is only 6200 calories if you're eating the whole ******* cake. Get your facts straight.

Maybe a whole cheesecake is 6200 calories. If a single slice was that much Eli's Cheesecake would be responsible for a ton more obese people.

1) **** you. i got my information off a news story. So they were wrong. I checked the facts though. One slice of cheese cake factory dulche de leche cheesecake is 1050 calories and 74 grams of fat (along with 42 grams of saturated fat). You are soooooo right. Thats "so" much better. dumbass. Dont be pissed cause you like cheesecake and its HORRIBLE for you. You do realize, even if im wrong about the 6200 thing, the fact taht a single slice is over a thousand calories means it is at least 3/4 of your daily intake. For a slice of desert. And before you think you're being smart and tell me that its "half" because 2000 is the daily recommended. It varies per person. If you are 5"4 and weigh 140 lbs, you should only be eating about 1600 to MAINTAIN your weight. And thats just calories. Even if the calories were wrong the amount of FAT alone in each slice (SLICE) is almost 10 times what you should be taking in a day. So take your "get it right" and shove it up your own ass. You really gonna sit there and pretend that cc isn't absolutely horrible for you? cause if you do you're an idiot.

#124 actually, it was crap advice. The fact that the body uses energy is the reason we need to eat food. In other words, exercise is more or less 100% of losing weight, as anyone who exercises seriously and daily knows. Cutting calories does not equal diet, it equals the inverse of diet, i.e. exercise, i.e. the actual way that people improve their body composition. This is why people who eat "great" but never exercise are flabby and pathetic looking but people who exercise and eat crap are Michael Phelps and Ronnie Coleman.

charlieohcharlie 12

You don't have to be a health expert to figure out Wii fit won't actually help you lose any notable weight. Just /think/.

charlieohcharlie 12

Also, 100 calories is 1/3 of a meal, so a meal is 300 calories? Unless you're eating 5 meals a day, you need to get your facts straight. Daily recommended intake is about 2000kcal for women and 2500 for men, and it differs from person to person.

I burn more than 3500 calories a week. Why have I yet to lose weight?

Xader 0

Maybe you take in twice that?

maronofhearts 19

You want to lose weight its simple dont listen to this guy. First you find out how many calories you eat in an average day and second you burn more calories a day than you eat you dont need a diet. Not saying eating less calories doesnt help but as long as you can burn more than you take in a true diet isnt needed besides theres a reason 90% of diets fail, if you dont follow it for the rest of your life youll gain weight again and who is seriously going to follow a diet for 60 years. Also theres nothing wrong with eating cheesecake if you have some self control if youre motivated burning one slice off is easy.

Argwanael 3

it's not a matter of eating less, it's a matter of eating better.. i see too many girls starve themselves cause they want to lose a few pounds and whenever they start eating again, they take it back and start again. The key to a successfull diet are eating healthily, meat that contains the less fat as possible (horse meat being the best but a bit expensive where i'm from, beef being also good) are to be eaten as much as you want but with a good mastication, fishes except tuna, eel or other fat-fleshed fish. Vegetables also have an all you can eat policy, except some exceptions such as peas. There should be a strict amount of sugar and oil that are necessary in a small quantity for the body to be healthy (15 g of oil a day). And of course starting moving again, but it's not that easy when you have a few pounds too much to say, ok i'll go to the gym. You can just decide to walk or dance in your house, the only important thing is to move.

irishpassion16 6

I always eat junk but I work out everyday and im not fat... So I think exercising is just as important as diet. And no, it's not my metabolism being weird. I used to be fat but I lost weight by exercising and now I eat more than I did when I was fat... But I run every day so like i said, exercising is just as important as dieting.