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By Anonymous - 09/09/2011 13:25 - Australia

Today, I had to walk through an extremely crowded pub wearing a dorky prisoner outfit to get to a dress-up party at the back. When we got there, I soon realised it wasn't fancy dress, but just black-and-white themed. FML
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How is a prisoner outfit fancy dress anyways?

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will smith did the same in fresh prince and he looked sick


Hey, it's a conversation point if nothing else :-)

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Op should play it off as a joke :)

OP should have acted crazy, stealing people's drinks, and saying he just escaped jail, all in the name of getting drunk for free.

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Was the outfit black and white at least?

^^ If he's posting on FML I'm assuming it was an orange jumpsuit.

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How is a prisoner outfit considered fancy dress?

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will smith did the same in fresh prince and he looked sick

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Double FYL if it was an orange jumpsuit!

At least you stood out from the crowd :)

Which is often a bad thing.. Except in movies.

It may have been the black and white striped clothing that they no longer wear in prisons, so OP may also have been wearing black and white.

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change the theme on the spot to prison group shower room!

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How is a prisoner outfit fancy dress anyways?

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I asked that, but they deleted my comment :(

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Exactly, I think OP was still drunk when writing the FML.

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Haha, obviously not. That's why they invented google for them ;]

I thought a Black and White "Affair" was a formal party, tuxs fancy dresses etc.... I guess "theme" just means everyone should dress in those two colors. Am I right????

I had to Google it myself. You silly people, assuming "fancy" meant adorned, baroque, beautifying, chichi, complicated, cushy, custom, decorated, decorative, deluxe, elaborate, elegant, embellished, fanciful, florid, frilly, froufrou, garnished, gaudy, gingerbread, intricate, lavish, ornate, ostentatious, resplendent, rich, rococo, showy, special, spiffy, or sumptuous. You should clearly have assumed it meant "costume" instead.

Where the FML takes place, "fancy dress" means the same as silly dress in the U.S., like an orange jumpsuit at a black and white dress party.

I'm pretty sure you won't find "silly" as a synonym for "fancy" in any thesaurus.

I know the UK/Australia calls it fancy dress, but I have never in my many years in the United States heard ANYONE refer to a costume party as "silly dress".

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In the US fancy dress is considered elegant wear dresses/gowns and tuxedos, and in the UK it means costume/themed I can see where some might be confused.

Hey #42 I love how much of a dog you are

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Was it at least a black & white prisoner constume?

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That was my first image of OP's outfit, and I wondered how this is so terrible if he technically fit in with the rest.