By BigBallah93 - 07/07/2009 12:20 - China

Today, I began my job volunteering at an orphanage in Beijing, China, working with 7-year-olds who just started learning english. We played a game where, if you got caught, you had to sing a song. I got caught, so I chose the ABCs. They all knew the song perfectly, I missed 3 letters. FML
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fxdxhk90 0

I'm just surprised that you wrote this without any spelling errors.

How do you miss 3 letters? If you're voulunteering, you should know it.


fxdxhk90 0

I'm just surprised that you wrote this without any spelling errors.

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AngryC4t 0

I honestly don't see how that's possible. How can someone forget the alphabet? Also, theclips, stop spamming your crap. If you're going to start putting comments at the top of every FML page; I'm going to also put comments at the top of the page telling everyone that the site you're linking to is BS.

Caayouteepie 0

okay honestly theclips can u stop cause nobodys falling for ur stupid bullshit so go spam some other website.

Then again the OP could've easily clapped at the end and congratulated the kids on their wonderful work. She/he was testing the kids, after all. ;) Learn to improvise.

drdj2006 3

i agree with OP FYL and to the rest of you ****-tards if you would pay any attention to detail you would notice that OP is from China and where in China is English the first language a person learns its fricken china so OP learned Chinese Before she leaned English id like to see you all say the Chinese Alphabet with out missing 3 letters even every time even if Chinese is your second Language so you know what you all are ******* Retards for all the shit your giving OP who at least took the time to learn a second language and teach it to others let me know when your retarded asses can recite the Chinese alphabet with out mistakes every time DJ

This reply stuff wouldn't be happening if FML went by newest comments on top, like YouTube.

janie197 0

Why did you choose to sing it if you didn't know the whole thing?

Pb_lily 0

So DJ, or should I say ****-tard, as you like to throw around, what about the original post implies that the poster is Chinese? Not everyone IN China is necessarily FROM China. The poster could very well be (and most likely is) a native english speaker who is currently in China. Chillax buddy.

piddly_03 0

also, dj, aka ****-tard, it makes no difference wether or not the op's first language is english or chinese. if they are teaching english to others, they should at least know the alphabet! honestly some people can be so ignorant.

CryingHowls 0

i also wanna point out that the Chinese language doens't have an alphabet... they just have characters, which are like letters, that together form meaningful words/sentences. i suppose you could try reciting all 3000+ characters. but not even native chinese people could do that.

You obviously graduated from a public school in a blue state.

And may I also point out that "Chinese" isn't a language, but rather that most people in China speak Mandarin or a local dialect such as Hokkien or Cantonese. And as mentioned before, the Chinese languages do not have letters but characters and no alphabet.

dakrock13 0

you're an idiot...i'm not even gonna bother trying to explain to you why that person is most likely - no, almost definitely - from an english speaking country, not china. and stop using such ridiculously foul and unintelligent sounding words such as ****-tard....because when YOU're the one thats wrong...they just make you sound even dumber =]

Actually, for most mandarin speakers, we do have a form of alphabet called the Han Yu Pin Yin. Basically it's to help other people pronounce our language. so yes, we do have a so called "alphabet"

Dj, FYI, there is no such thing as the Chinese alphabet.

actually, Dj is kind of right, go search up Han Yu Pin Yin. It's basically a pronounication guide for foreigners but it can be considered an alphabet.

A "pronunciation" guide =/= alphabet.

Luneth101 0

#129 Not necessarily. We don't have an alphabet in the traditional sense. We use characters, yes, but each word also has a pronunciation. When anyone, including a native Chinese speaker, learns characters, we commonly learn the written pronunciation as well. The letters are sort of like the English alphabet, except in a different order, plus there are some extra sounds that are in the alphabet that are are pretty much two letters together. The alphabet starts like this. a o e i u ü b p m f d t n l, and then it continues. There are actually well over 10,000 characters too, and most native Chinese people know about 4,000-6,000. Pin Yin is sometimes confusing.

Luneth101 0

138, it's not actually a pronunciation guide. It's not just for foreigners either. Native Chinese speakers learn it too. It really is a sort of alphabet.

thank you for having a brain...

Well it means you can't sing "now I know my ABCs" without lying

mrz1177 11

95- u mad bro?

How do you miss 3 letters? If you're voulunteering, you should know it.

breena25 0

WTF how do u forget ur ABCs???!

Crncj 0

I'm guessing the 3 letters were A.B and C

EPIC FAIL how do u forget the ABCs?! jeeez

Lonely4 0

Ho ar yo abl to fnction in lif if yo lav ot 3 lttrs??? I left out W, E, and U....not functional!!!

checkitoutt 0

how are you able to function in life if you _ out 3 letters...what the other word? op: are you impaired at all? i hope so because if not YDI.

how will you be able to function if you leave out 3 letters.. OP : EPIC FAIL!

girandwogpig 0

It's leave out 3 letters.

that word it leave.. since there r 2 "e"s then it would be "lav"

YoungTechnique 0

FAIL. YDI for being an idiot.

That's not an FML, your just retarded

gotta love the irony here

I don't think they know they did it lol. OP: YDI for failing 1st grade English.

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Amazing how after countless comments trying to get dumbasses like you to be able to distinguish the definitions of 'your' and 'you're', people still manage to screw it up.. yay for American Idiots. :D /random Green Day reference. Hahh. Gotta love hyprocritical dumbasses, eh? Anyways. OP; it's people like you who put legitimate mentally retarded people to shame. I honestly hope this is fake... I really do. If not, OP, get out of China--NOW. I can't stand the thought of someone like you reproducing, and we all know how those Chinese are...

And how are "all those Chinese"?

ohhdamn 0

holy muffins you are stupid!

artcgirl 0


fyourlife33 0

youre a dumbass, and im very surprised noone said first. they should forbid you from volunteering

*you're *I'm *no one *They Methinks you, madame, are the dumbass here.

shewasalmost18 0

He left out 3 letters which coincidentally spell FAG

CableX17 0

Lol, left out "A" when singing the ABC's = fail of the century:P