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Today, I felt fairly depressed about being single for the holidays during work. This cute girl came to my register asking about our sales ad. After telling her we had no copies, she asked for my number. I shouted: "Finally, someone wants to go out with me." She wanted the store's number to call. FML
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Why the hell would you shout that out? Loser

Even if she DID want your personal number to go out with you, yelling that out isn't the classiest move to make... and probably would have freaked her out a little.


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**** you how is that a fail this guy might have autism or a severe case of down syndrome and with that simple of a mind they still havent developed how to hold a proper conversation without yelling so **** you stupid twat

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oh what i wouldnt do for a tall glass of that divine "**** off" juice too bad im too busy not pre-mature ejaculating to the thought of a boy asking me out on a date must be tough being you single for 18 years

@Unregistered: I just LOVE how you freak out on someone who said one word. -.- If you've been around this website, then you'll notice that people have said more insulting things. So chill out. @OP: Being single isn't that bad. You could have a dependent and annoying girlfriend.

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whats a theyre? man my IQ must be indeed very low if a ******* dumbass like you who does not possess the skill to use proper ******* grammar calls me stupid

Wow, Unregistered, chill out. I've been single for /19/ years. The point is it doesn't matter. Your argument is invalid, and in any case your posts are full of logical fallacies. 18: Hasty Generalization: fallacy that states because one fact is true, it means another fact. "He shouts without thinking, therefore he must have Tourettes." 23: Ad Hominem: fallacy that attacks a person to avoid truly arguing with them. "I'm right because I'm too busy not being horny and single." (also makes a Hasty Generalization in another form; "All single people are sad and lonely.") 32: Red Herring: fallacy that redirects the argument away from the issue at hand by bringing up irrelevent topics. Self explanatory.

Nicely said. If only more people understood the basic fallacies and how one can easily be misled by poorly formed "arguments," I think the world might be a slightly better place.

Ah, and, I wouldn't really criticize someone's lack of use of an apostraphe when you didn't do it either. "/whats/ a theyre?"

Reyo 2

Let's assume she DID want YOUR would shouting THAT at the top of your lungs seem like a good idea?

How is assuming a guy has autism or severe down's syndrome without knowing anything about him is somehow less insulting, not just to this guy, but also to people with autism and down's syndrome? He may have autism or down's syndrome but there's nothing to indicate that in his post and making that assumption based on... well... nothing... doesn't make you any less of a jerk than the guy who posted "fail". I'm not saying that saying "fail" isn't a jerky thing to do, but you WAY overreact. It's not your place to be insulted by it, anyhow, since it wasn't directed towards you. Unless you're the OP, in which case, at least step up and admit that you're the OP.

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It's funny how you judge other people's mistakes and yet you spell out whats. Clearly, you're the brilliant one here.

#36, you should help me in TOK class..

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because he shouted out that someone finally wanted to go out with him means that he has mental issues? wtf ? maybe he thought the girl was pretty

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yeah really, who does that? you sound like a major douche, OP.

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lol no im pretty sure people who shout out after finally getting a date must have a severe case of social down syndrome or social autism serisously how ****** up can your childhood be that you cant even have a ******* conversation with the opposite sex

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haha, I'm so glad you pointed that out. I was going to say something but you beat me to it :]

Unregistered, OP seemed to have a fine time talking before shouting. Obviously he got overly excited, thus his initial assumption, and lost himself. People do it quite often. Not deficient, just stupid and desperate.

I dont know, it could be almost as ****** up as yours.

damegreywulf just raped unregistered.

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I have autism.....and ADHD..... And aspurgars....;( I have been made fun of since kindergarten and am now going into highschool and it still continues....its a touchy subject for me......

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Why the hell would you shout that out? Loser

This. Also why do you care? Are you recently single? Because that's the only explanation for such "depression." Otherwise you're a sad sack of lose. Especially since, apparently being the kind of person who needs "love" to feel validated, you EXPECT people to come ask you instead of you asking them.

yeah op anyone who is "fairly depressed" definitely isnt depressed. yer sad. there is a big difference

Stop thinking so much of yourself, bitch

The Op is a man, and if he's shouting "finally someone wants to go out with me" he isn't exactly thinking highly of himself, it's more like the complete opposite.

Well, I've met plenty men I would call bitch. Dictionary: bitch (bĭch) 2.Offensive. c.A man considered to be weak or contemptible. 4.Slang. Something very unpleasant or difficult.

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He still doesn't think highly of himself.

You felt depressed about being single during work? You should be more depressed about your lack of ability to write simple sentences properly.

Even if she DID want your personal number to go out with you, yelling that out isn't the classiest move to make... and probably would have freaked her out a little.

perdix 29

She probably did want to go out with the guy, but when he shouted, she could smell the stink of desperation and made up the thing about the store's number just to get out of it. Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, you loser.

I'm sure you are awarding OP that much game simply for the purposes of humor?


lol lol ...she wasn't very impressed with your looks apparently