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By fyourlife - 21/10/2009 19:53 - United States

Today, while working as a cashier, I was flirting with this cute girl. When I asked her if she had her store card she said, "No", paused, then said "Can I give you my number?" I said, "Sure, that would be awesome, do you want mine?" She said no. I didn't know I could just enter the card number. FML
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valuemeal2 1

YDI, and also, this is a horribly worded and awkwardly written "FML".


If you were ringing her up, don't you already have her number? Why'd she have to give it to you?

Ringing her up means that he was adding up the cost of her purchases on the register.

That was an epic pick up line though, good job :)

NGM_47 0

HA!!! That must have been awkward! I wonder how she memorized a card number?

da_funk_masta 0

um.. you can find someones card with their telephone number. that is if they say the same number they put the card under.

NGM_47 0

OH!! My bad, I thought there was a bar code number that she memorized...not her actual phone number. LOL I feel stupid!

dudeitsdanny 9

Im from New Jersey too and I have a good hunch you work at Shop Rite cause thats quite common there. EEEven if not-- you should be aware of all ur stores common procedures (and for the ppl who will yell- Hes probably NEW! Well anyone at a new job should ask all kinds of questions like-- " What happens if they don't have their club card ON them?" Which is something I would ask... because I have.... brain cells? Yeah. Brain cells.

Hydra_fml 0

Haven't we heard this FML before?

valuemeal2 1

YDI, and also, this is a horribly worded and awkwardly written "FML".

maybe youre not the greatest reader if it took you 10 minutes to decipher that. it makes plenty of sense.

I had to re-read it several times to get it. It *is* actually quite strangely written.

I still don't quite get it. I mean, she offered to tell him get card number so that he can type it into the computer. He thought she wanted to give him her phone number. But why/how would she memorize a shop card number? And some comments above contradict this. I see no other way to interpret this FML but I did have to read it several times and there are comments making no sense out of it and thinking themselves right. Whatever.

Hahaha. YDI for not knowing that as a part of your job.

Thespade_fml 0

shot down, sounds like you got your bell rung

I put YLS because even if you knew it or not, you could look at what she said in those two different ways easily.