By Millian2 - 08/04/2012 02:10 - United States - Plymouth

Today, I learned that when you take off your sweatshirt, it can get stuck in your braces. I was in public. FML
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ManUrLifeSucks 1

Shirts on yo head, sweaters on yo head. LOOKEN LIKE A FOO WIT YO SWEATER ON YO HEAD

waresjake 3

You guessed it, I still love you


Sick comment, bro. It was, like, really thoughtful, but you still made it fast enough to be the first comment. Serious props, man.

Does anyone seem to realize OP is female?

ManUrLifeSucks 1

Wanna hear a joke about potassium? Oh wait. K

Na, I'm more interested in sodium.

I'm sorry, sometimes I kill jokes...and Barium! Goddammit, someone please put me out of my misery.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

no one stop fighting i just got my popcorn and drink im ready for some good entertainment....*takes sip of coke*

KM96 24
Blahblahblah95 0

The second comment of your FML life and you say "Niceeeeeee"? Weak.

In his picture it looks like he has a cat sleeping on his head.

50 - Don't worry, it's not going's dead.

It was her sweatshirt, and when it's stuck to her braces, it's not an entirely pretty sight either

LoveMay 10

Happens to me all the time … you'll learn to stop it from happening with practice.

Are you like messed up?? Haha jk. But seriously.. Has never happened to me

Matty1188 6

Couldn't you just keep your mouth closed while taking a shirt off? Seems like a simple solution.

tctheamazing 7

I don't see how dumb you have to be to get your shirt stuck on your braces unless you have headgear or something that's outside of your mouth. I had braces and can honestly say I never got clothes stuck in my teeth.

KiddNYC1O 20

21- No. She's Flo from Progressive.

DontClickOnMe 28

Well if it was stuck in your braces, most likely nobody saw your face, so they didn't even know it was you! Don't worry, OP.

ManUrLifeSucks 1

Shirts on yo head, sweaters on yo head. LOOKEN LIKE A FOO WIT YO SWEATER ON YO HEAD

ManUrLifeSucks 1

Hey im srry i had a joke and u didnt troll

I thought it was catchy :) and those that don't lack an open mind and humor!

With dem braces in ya mouth, hair everywhere. Looking like a fool with a sweater on ya head.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Yeah it could. What if when Op took the sweatshirt off, the shirt came up with it, and the sweatshirt got stuck on the braces and she needed help from people around her? That's much worse.

Hate when that happens! It's okay, OP. Thank goodness braces are only temporary.

jerseyboy732 16

well you had a shirt on underneath? right?

linkinpark98 23

If she didn't have an undershirt, then she was probably stuck in the flashing position for a while. XD