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By  TheVerne  |  0

Wow, how inconsiderate! I'm sure she realized what she'd said as soon as she hung up though. If she knew about, she'd probably have put that story on here immediately.

I hope the recovery's still going well. You are amazingly determined to even have gotten this far! Stay Strong :)

By  beep_beep_fml  |  0

Wow, what a typical self-centered alcoholic. POOR ME, don't these people know WHAT IT'S LIKE. Why can't they just READ MY MIND and TIPTOE AROUND ME. Why don't you work a fucking step, and do your whining in a notebook instead of expecting the whole world to change in order for you to stay sober.

  deviable  |  9

is isn't exactly easy for alcoholics to recover and not every alcoholic deserves being looked down on. some people lack control, and for any alcoholic to go sober is a commendable achievement. the temptation and insensitivity his mother offered, knowingly or not, would be a difficult obstacle for him emotionally. learn to think about how others feel before dumping self righteous judgement on them.

  regan_droper  |  4

#7 and 8 you two are fickin asshats who have probaly never drank or smoked before and have no fucking idea what your talking about an addiction is a VERY difficult thing to get over no matter what its to

  starbursty  |  0

-7-8 Okay you dumb mother fucker
Go take a gun and shoot yourself in the fucking head, your a douche bag.
Sure you have the right to your option. Sorry to say your option is fucking retarded.
Go die

By  xTrollz_OF_Lyfex  |  0

YDI for being a druggie. Atleast you wern't a women, because on New Years all you would be doing is CLEANING THE DISHES. THATS THEIR JOB. DON'T INTERUPT WHEN THEY'RE CLEANING OR THEY WILL NAG YOU.

By  BellaMarie_fml  |  0

7 8 and 11 are bitches. obviously you've got no fucking clue what you're talking about. Addiction isn't a choice it's an illness and if this persons family understood this they would be more supportive. and yes they shouldn't drink around their recovering family member especially if the choice to quit was recent.

congratulations on giving up your vices and i hope you can stay strong. it's a long hard road.

  ReallyMike  |  0

#12 you pathetic moron. The only one to blame is the addicted person him/herself. Addiction IS A CHOICE. If you don't have enough willpower to stop drinking then you deserve to suffer the consequences. And fuck all those alcoholics who think the world will bend over backwards just so you can avoid temptation. Grow some fucking balls and don't drink.

Bunch of pussies.